College Football Live 2019 (Sep 05) Week 2 Best Matchups, Bob Stoops on Jalen Hurts & more

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Solo Pythonz
why was LSU offense looking the way it does, and why was it so crisp and efficient? yea maybe theyre good, OR MAYBE THEY WAS PLAYING GA SOUTHERN!!!! come on now smdh
Holt Van Den Heuvel
Vilma is unbearable. Bro no shit their offense looked good, they played Georgia Southern.
STLDawg Fan
What? the 2017 UGA ND ticket prices were just has high as those regular season games
Vilma is invited to the crawfish boil.
Thank you been watching since 2017 keep up the good work
O-H-I-O Go Buckeyes
@11:10 that play is pretty funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Terry Freeman
I just hope Karl from Sling Blade Orgeron and his stuttering former players are smart enough to find their way to the stadium this Saturday! HORNS BIG!
Savage Sooner
I agree with Coach, Texas beats LSU and will lose to OU...
Sav Atl
So bob stoops doesn't want players going to new schools and playing right away but he said nothing about coaches who do the same
Frank Nitti
For a second...I was honestly wondering why he was calling that man Bob Stoops
terry fonz
Shiiit LSU is winning by at least 2 scores buddy it’s all about NFL talent playing boys!
Jimmy Rogers
What mickey mouse guy built this video feed of the game. I've seen better in a home brew.
Gotta change subjects. This Taco Bell cherry sunset freeze is 💣
Johnny Skinner
So vilma is a idiot apparently.. Lsu does win by at least 14. A&m will pull the upset, no Bryant to rescue them, mond bout to ball out
Richard Reynolds
LSU WINS BY 14, 31-17
Mark Majkowski
6 1/2. Big Road Nut for 6 @ 9.
Johnathan just doesn't like Texas regardless. Lol you can see it in his face. Haha
Tom Jacob
Mike Trout should never be mvp again #overrated bum
Texas for the upset.
Clay Sims
Gators DBU
Jonathan Munroe
Horns gonna win and expose the overrated Sec.
Desi Hale
Why do people always forget about Florida when talking DBU
Jason Shoemaker
LSU is going to win and Ohio state's the real DBU look it up for the last two decades
Jamil Johnson
L S U VS TEXAS this will be the only game I have my eyes on
adam east
Sam was like ...WHO ?....does anyone know who that is ??....PEOPLE KNOW MY NAME !!
Maybe Stoops is still pissed when LSU beat Oklahoma! Because Texas Longhorns will not defeat LSU...FACT
Nathanail Reed
Hahaha everyone making excuses for trevor Lawrence even though it was a poor performance, anyone else it would be he took a step back but nah not for him..... lmao they say he had grown....okay
Scott Borror
I'll believe the LSU hype if they can replicate that first offensive show against a solid defense like Texas.
Paul Ngo
Ehlinger will throw a couple picks vs LSU.
Bobby Hunter
Ohio State is the real DBU, he's smoking something.
Hector Rodriguez
I got Texas over LSU
I got Clemson over Texas A&M
Corey Coleman
LSU 34 - Texas -20
How do get away with stealing all your content?
Jimmy Rogers
UT ain't DBU.
LSU Defense no joke, but their offense have question marks.
Cory Filipi
Texas is still TRASH... LSU 47 UT 24
Bankroll Guwop
If we get to sam all night long, we gonna hurt that boy 😂
Boomer Sooner
Texas 38 LSU 34
Justin Firm
Ohio State is DBU!!!
LSU 38
Texas 17

Only game on LSU schedule that’s gonna be a challenge is Nov 9th.
DBU=OSU facts
David Edwards
A&m Is gonna kill clemson
texas beats lsu just like georgia
Deathstroke2106 !!!
DBU Belongs to Ohio State ! Go bucks
motown 1970
Texas? DBU? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Trump 2020
Michael Callahan
Vilma is annoying as hell. Dude always hates on Texas. The horns are comin for that overhyped ass.
Jesse Garcia-saenz
College football fans subscribe and support my channel I'll be doing everything college football this year
Brandon Gasper
Texas DBU? Ryan Clark, Corey Webster, Randall Gay, Donte Jackson, Tyrann Mathieu, Greedy Williams, Grant Delpit, Eric Reid, Morris Claiborne, Jalen Mills, Kevin Tolliver, Ron Brooks, Jalen Collins, TreDavius White, Tharold Simon, Chad Jones, Jamal Adams, PATRICK PETERSON... cmon Texas...
Todd Zickel
Vilma is a douche bag!