HERO TO VILLAN | PART 42 | JOB INTERVIEW! | Football Manager 2019

-SNAPCHAT: DoctorBenjy

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Pringles MWG
I would have gone to Liverpool for randy Dekkers
Jamie Carnon
Take the Liverpo.....nevermind.
Paul Grazier
I'm a villa fan, but I would have gone to Liverpool for the progression of the series.
Nathaniel Lloyd
Definitely would have gone for Liverpool, could have seen a UCL win before the end of the series
Chris Bunn
Fancy spending 80% of the episode talking about the Liverpool job and not even gettin offered it 🤣
Jimmy Knizzle
Would loved you to have taken he Liverpool job if successful! Dekkers man, best in the world.
Would have gone to Liverpool mostly because I don't think the series is about the club anymore it's now about the manager; from Boston Hero to Aston Villan
Eugen Gicu
If they would have offered you a contract. I would have approved for you to go! :D Would have made the series even more fun. Changing all these clubs. And clubs from small to medium to big. Like in real life. You start low then you end up big. So, if they would have offered a contract, yep, should have taken it.
Darren Carrigan
Benjy's a Liverpool man at heart. Go to Anfield Benjy.
i would have definitely gone for it.
Egey 21
I'd of gone you can't turn down the boyhood dream. Well probably 2nd dream after you realised you were never going to play for them lol
Tom Martin
Bens version of love island today
This series becomed a manager journey so feel freme to change club whenever you like
holy fuck
this was an amazing episode
the bit at the end when you pull down the scarves gave me legit chills
amazing episode ben
(i would've gone to liverpool as well tbh)
Steven Knighton
100% I would have the interview for the Liverpool job. I also want to say I love the rambles between chats. I think you're brilliant pal.
That the best "Hero to Villan" intro so far!
George Tyler
If you did join Liverpool, you really would've gone from Hero to Villain in the eyes of the Villa fans. I would've wanted you to go, honestly
Samuel Birch
“Villan to Kop” ??? Just saying.
Christopher vi Volotor
Clearly the interview was just a ploy to unsettle Aston Villa.
happy ray
Villan to villain. Has to happen 👍
Tom Gill
I'd have wanted to see you go to Liverpool but oh well.
Would have gone, just for the narrative really. But I'm also a liverpool fan so biased
William Tuck
Right at the end his inner David Brent cane out with the eyes.
Dave Trumpet
You've taken my Villa from Championship level to challenging the top 6 (even flirting with the top 4) so, all in all, a magnificent job. In your shoes, and if the teams were reversed, I'd have skipped out of Anfield flicking the 'V's. Now it's time to show Liverpool what they have missed out on!!! UTV!!!
To be fair your interview was shocking 🤣🤣
Sean Connolly
I have a keren tal regen striker in my save who is one of the best strikers in england. So strange, would that be pure coincidence or how do they work those names?
Reece Chambers
Ben we can't see you salsa-ing , we can just see your head bobbing up and down.
John Oakes
Clear that you wanted the job Ben, and for the quality of the content you should be enjoying yourself - so do what you want really :)
John Oakes
Clear that you wanted the job Ben, and for the quality of the content you should be enjoying yourself - so do what you want really :)
Sean Tunley
Try and sign for a big team at the end of the season
Bilal Abubakar
You're probably not going to get another contract😂😂😂
Tony Lenton
Yes I would have gone to Liverpool.
Honestly would have taken it if they offered the job.
Franklin Long
Well, from heros to villians to sleeping on the park bench...dreaming about Liverpool.
The venom towards cervi lol
Ian Hugo
definitely would've taken it
Steven Richards
In terms of realism and what most people would do if it was their save, going to Liverpool would be the correct choice, if only you hadn't bottled the interview.
Rodrigo Neves
Get that Duvek guy from Liverpool, you would have Dusek and Duvek
The Mighty Dab
I'm getting a sense of Deja vu...
Mark Last
I love the talking inbetween
Gerardo Obstbaum
I would have taken it!!!
Lorenzo Martinez
Id like Villa BUT consider this:

Going to Pool would be a Ned Stark dying - level move. Everyone expects you to stay - it's the good guy thing to do. However, going to Pool establishes that ANYTHING can happen in your future saves. The tension would be unbearable.
Liverpool would have been a very good progression of the series, but it's not the end of the world
David Van horn
From Hero to villain to believers
Colby McColby
Hero to VillAnfield.
Legend at Liverpool ???
Mark Roberts
I would have wanted you to stay at Villa if the offer had come
Callum Edwards
Villan To Villain? If a high profile job comes again I would defo take it.
Who on earth is complaining about the mid-game waffle?? It's what I tune in for!
Stefan Bäck
yes take the job if you get it.
Banjola Adesina
Move to liverpool ben !!
Tony Spike
Ask yourself WWSBD......what would steve bruce do
he's not happy at Villa.. he doesn't want to be at Villa...
Would have taken Liverpool job.
Stephen Owen
Liverpool is a sideways move imo
Vittorio Pirra
I'd to Liverpool :)
Lam Jianhua
If I were the villa players I would def feel demoralize and betrayed considering u were going to turn ur back on villa that took a chance on u given u were managing in league 1 for Liverpool. How could the players now concentrate on football given the timing of all this!
Acid Jazz Funk Soul Connection
i would have taken the job...and you should talk between matches because its hilarious and thats why i follow your saves...have viewers lost their fast forward button?
Who wouldn't want to go to the team they support?
Anthony Telfer
Really!? People complained about the faff between games!? Who are these people? KEEP THE FAFF!!
Thomas Lambert
Watches this on the tube. Had the 'Join Liverpool' comment written. Got off the tube about to press send. Bomb shell. Ben's bottled the interview. Unlucky mate. For future reference you should only really accept job offers from Madrid, Barca, Liverpool or Arsenal. Anything else not a sniff mate
Tyler Haas
Liverpool? Absolutely. Their squad is arguably stronger than Villa, you could have had them in Europe in 2 seasons easily (assuming that Villa didn’t totally bottle it in the end of the season without you and let Liverpool sneak into Europe next season anyhow), and they’d be real contenders in both the league and cup competition with the right additions. Contrast with Villa, who are going to be hard to manage next season with European competition, cups, and the league to juggle. You’ll need more high-priced (or super undervalued) players so you could play a strong rotating squad if you want to be competitive in 2 or 3 of those things.

Getting poached by the competition isn’t a terrible thing.
Please stay with villa!
Slarti Bartfast
If u went to Liverpool its hero to villian to redemption
Kev Singer
i gone to liverpool
Jacob Mackenzie
Going to Liverpool would have been boring for the save anyway imo. I'm invested in how Hhhhhockhhhov and Nissan and Menez and Dusek progress! Randy Dekkers would have been cool, but he's already awesome; he's not someone you've found out of nowhere or someone with potential who you've trained up.
audio man
Liverpool 😊
Josh Brown
Wow you can tell bens head isn’t at Villa. He wants to leave it’s ridiculous /s
Jóhann Már Jóhannsson
Villan to villain
Dan Burgess
Go to Liverpool
It's GoZHkov, not Goykov!
Guy Incognito
I have an idea for the new title.
" From Hero to Villan to Scum".

Eh? Eh? Eh? :)