Guy’s Alleged ‘Pull-A-Pig’ Prank Goes Viral


Cruel Jesse Mateman, top left, tricked Sophie Stevenson, top right, into flying to Amsterdam to visit him He added two pig images plus a laughing face and wrote: The year-old told Sun Online: Do you know Jesse Mateman or have you been the victim of a similar cruel prank? Let our online news team know now. The traumatised pair had struck up a friendship while with pals at the Pension Solarium – a one minute walk from the horror that killed 13 people. She told The Sun: It has now emerged Jesse was messaging Sophie every day asking to visit her in Manchester and said he “couldn’t wait” for her to arrive in Amsterdam. She told Sun Online: I was sick with worry that night that she might do something to herself.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A British woman who flew to Amsterdam to meet her lover – only to find she was the victim of a cruel ‘pull a pig’ prank – has received an outpouring of support. But the bar supervisor was left devastated when he failed to show up at the airport then allegedly sent her a message saying: Now, after bravely sharing her ordeal, she has received a host of supportive messages from members of the public, calling her “beautiful” and “gorgeous”.

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Devastated Student Victim of Cruel ‘Pull a Pig Joke’

October 23, Author: On a different note, according to the Urban Dictionary, Pull a Pig is a game where a group of guys go out and they win the game by banking the ugliest looking woman. I had eternally been a chubby kid. Smart, yet no matter how much I tried, the flabs increased and the chin turned double. The stomach size boosted with my increasing excuses.

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A Brit woman was left devastated when she allegedly received a message from a Dutchman which said ‘you were pigged’ By Hannah Crouch 30th November , 8: Sophie Stevenson says she was victim of cruel prank played by Jesse Mateman. Pictured is the message she allegedly received after being stood up What is the ‘pull a pig’ game? To be “pigged” means you have been a victim of a “pull a pig” joke. Sophie Stevenson said she was left feeling “sick” after Jesse Mateman told her she had been “pigged” and their holiday romance was “all a joke”.

I’m just being broken here. After that piece on Geenstijl are my parents, my sister and I threatened. It’s a witch hunt. Sophie’s parents gave their thoughts on what happened to her. Andrew Stevenson said his daughter, who has been single for around 12 months, had been so excited about flying out meet Jesse. The year-old told Sun Online: Others have also been sharing their story on social media with one person who claims it happened to her on “numerous occasions” saying it “knocked” her confidence.

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This time it’s the turn of poor Katie Price , who just recently discovered there had been some naughty goings on between her husband Kieran Hayler and her supposed best friend Jane Pountney – read all about the dramas here. Obviously the last thing you need when you’re down and six months pregnant is to be kicked in the teeth and stamped all over, but don’t expect Josie to care about that. She sees it as her latest opportunity to jump on the back of a headline and get people to remember she exists.

And this one is very ugly – in all ways. Josie has set up a dating site for tough on the eye girls, cunningly called PullthePig. As well as posing in a muddy field wearing a white bikini with a bow and arrow, angel wings and her tattoed gut on full display Cupid never looked so grubby , accompanied a pig who has quite a wry smile on its face, Josie has now taken to Tweeting Katie Price’s name in connection with the site.

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‘Pull a Pig’: Woman claims to be a victim of ugly, trending prank

Tomasz Frymorgen 1 December No one wants to get pigged. The name is bad enough, but the practice itself is just disturbing. In October, when a young British woman claimed to have fallen victim to the ‘pull a pig’ prank , the internet was set alight with outrage. Jesse denies the prank and threatened legal action against her for damages suffered as a result of the media fallout over the story. Regardless of what did or did not happen in Amsterdam, this sorry tale spotlights some of the more toxic dating trends doing the rounds right now.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A Dutchman at the centre of a ‘pull a pig’ furore insists he never called a Brit girl a ‘pig’ – but says he could have used the word to describe the way they had sex. But when her plane landed in Jesse Mateman’s home city of Amsterdam, Sophie claims she discovered she was the victim of a cruel ‘pull a pig’ prank designed to humiliate her. Mr Mateman allegedly sent her a message to say “you were pigged” along with two pig face emojis after her plane landed, adding: Read More What is the cruel ‘pull a pig’ prank that is devastating female victims?

Do you know or have you been duped by Jesse Mateman? Have you been a victim of the ‘pull a pig’ prank? Sophie appeared on This Morning to share her story Image: ITV “If Mateman used the word ‘pig’ in a text to Stevenson, which he cannot remember, it could only have been sent during his stay in Spain and can only relate to the way in which they had sex.

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The trend is popular among men and most often times, women are the target. This was the case for one woman, Sophie Stevenson as she met a man named Jesse Mateman. The two seemed to hit off and arranged to meet one another. However, the two lived rather far apart. Jesse lived in Amsterdam, while Sophie lived in Manchester, England.

The premise was ridiculous enough for some to label it fake when news of Pull The Pig’s launch came in May. But, four months on, Josie insists to The Debrief that the site isn’t only real – it’s now thriving. ‘Over 4, people have joined since we launched,’ she says, sounding proud.

I called him a bunch of times, and he didn’t answer. I waited at the airport for two hours and I hadn’t heard anything, I was really starting to panic about being abandoned. Recent terms like ‘benching’ refer to men keeping a woman they don’t feel passionately about ‘on the sidelines’ – just in case. A boy asked me out for a dare. I had put on a lot of weight and had acne. It was one of the most humiliating things that ever happened to me We may never know the full story. But it still forces us to confront the horrific reality of pigging.

This trend is not just cruel; it borders on emotional abuse.

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Debra Stang Everybody occasionally makes a remark that hurts someone else’s feelings or can be construed as a put-down. That’s just part of living and communicating. Put-downs can be subtle such as, “I like a woman who isn’t too smart” or direct, “That dress makes you look fat. He is using his words to destroy your self-esteem and give him the power and control in the relationship.

If a man you are involved with, like a date, a co-worker or a family member, starts putting you down on a regular basis, put a stop to it immediately.

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Esclusiva: intervista a vittima di ‘Pull a pig’, l’ultima follia social – Storie italiane 19/10/2017

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