Football Stars Humiliate Each Other 2019

Football Stars Humiliate Each Other 2019
The video include Football Skills, Tricks, Dribbling & Goals , from Cristiano Ronaldo , Neymar Jr, Lionel Messi , Philippe Coutinho , Kylian Mbappe , James Rodríguez , Jadon Sancho , Daniel Alves , Mohamed Salah , Memphis Depay , Douglas Costa , Hatem Ben Arfa and more…


1st Song:BEAUZ & Momo - Won't Look Back [NCS Release]

2nd Song:Joan Ember feat. Mike Archangelo - Last Forever

3d Song:Koven x ROY - About Me [NCS Release]

4th Song:whogaux - i don't care [NCS Release]
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FIRST OF ALL are we all just gonna ignore the fact that suso just made milinkovic-savic looked like an acrobat?? lol
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Biggest cheaters in football
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