When Famous Players Score PERFECT Long Shot Goals in Football 2019-2020

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Long shot goals are always beautiful to watch. In this video you will see the best long screamer goals scored in football in 2019-2020. Trent Alexander-Arnold scored unbelievable long shot goal vs Burnley, Ruben Neves scored with his powerful right foot against Manchester United, Philippe Coutinho scored also amazing goal vs Manchester United on Champions League, Tanguy Ndombele scored his debut goal for Tottenham against Aston Villa, it was crazy long banger, Harry Kane scored half-line goal vs Juventus, Antonio Candreva scored maybe goal of the season against Lecce in first round of Seria A, Roberto Firmino scored great out of box goal vs Burnley too, Sergio Aguero's long goal vs Chelsea and Kepa Arrizabalaga was incredible finish, Mohamed Salah breathtaking long goal against Chelsea, Toni Kroos vs Celta Vigo, Vincent Kompany scored Premier League title winner goal agianst Leicester City etc. Thanks for Watching, please SUBSCRIBE !

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448 комментариев
Sir Alex
*Which is the BEST long shot goal for you? For me it's Harry Kane vs Juventus* 🔥
0:30 Lol Harry kane Vs juventus
Thank you guys!! First time got 399 likes
nigel allen
Harry Kane vs Juventus but is was Ruben Neves against Man Utd
Lol Lolakopoulos
My favourite was Harry Kane against Juventus
Abdullah Hayat
0:30 u made a mistake it ruben neves against Utd lol
Prince Biribuze
I really don't think you know the meaning of 2019/2020
George Kandylis
Cmon now Harry Kane scored all day of these !
Souheila Manaouil
Harry Kane juventus 👈
Ruben Névés united👈
look at grosicki goal from free kick
hull vs millwal
Jacob Varghese
2:02 now it is correct
It say Harry Kane v juventus when it’s Ruben neves v Man Utd
Ruben Neves vs Man United
Jonty Gledhill
Do you know the meaning of 2019/20
marco yoda
I'm sorry but what the hell , it was Ruben Neves who scored against Man Utd!And that wasn't Harry Kane Vs Juventus!
Charlie Dyer
Suggested: Ronaldo might never have become born! 🤣🤣🤣
When Ruben neves scores, it says Harry Kane
ahmad albab
My favourite is harry kane score against juventus
Why is everyone still going on about the Harry Kane mistake, it is not like the youtuber is a professional perfectionist where everything he/she does is perfect. But I gotta admit, Harry Kane had an amazing half way goal!
Elmer Jerez
0:30 its ruben neves vs manchester united
Zack Brincat
Harry Kane: Am I a joke to you
konstantinos magos
Wtf it said hary kane vs juventus and it shows wolves
Muzzay Junior
Arnold goal was not given to him because it was deflected by wood
Pizza Delivery Man •7 years ago
0:29 don’t think that’s Harry Kane
Iceland _
For me it shows Ruben Neves goal and down it said Harry Kane vs Juventus ... Wtf??
That "Trent's Goal" is actually an own goal by Burnley player.
the burnt chip
Not all the goals where 19/20 and
Harry kane Juventus
Ruben neves man u
Joy Park
Harry Kane Juventus when it as ruben neves vs man u
Burnley vs Liverpool: Trent Alexander-Arnold's goal was deflected by Wood making it an accident.
0:30 Well, I guess Ruben never plays for Tottenham now? And he is on the same level as Harry Kane and , or legally changed his name and last name.
Williams ESQuivel
Hurry cane plays for Tottenham and the other team Was man united
Crab Trooper
Love how Salah can claim the assist for firmino goal against Burnley but firmino has to take the ball off him 🤣🤣
Filiph Andersson
Perfect longshot? Lol Trent Arnold crossed the ball on the back of a Burnley player, really lucky goal
Maalik Soeker
lol Ruben nevez was harry kane
Aisha Awil
You done a mistake the title said 2019/2020 Luis Suarez goal against Atletico Madrid was in 2018 2019 and so as Kompany and Salah and Agüero and Pereira and Higuaín ,Vallery and Ruben
NGF Yanii
Grizou L
Ruben Neves.. oh wait... Harry Kane
Palmonte Calcio.. oh wait... Juventus
Lets Game
Ruben neves is Harry Kane?????
Nathan Deleon
0:23 that is not Tottenham or Juventus
That is
1:56 was
Football Jr
0.39 Harry Kane officially is a Wolves player. Like is you agree
Erald Kasemi
Ruben Neves Vs Manchester Utd
Comes up with Harry Kane vs Juventus
Abhinash Jung Thapa
so RUBEN NEVES has a nick name called HARRY KANE...TQ so much for info Sir Alex (donot figure out sir alex firgusion)
Marcell Schwarczkopf
Vs juve?? And Suárez's in the previous season!😂😂😂😂😂
Squeaky Chicken HD
I was at the game where Vincent Kompany scored an amazing curler
Lewis Clarke
Alexander Arnold was a Chris wood own goal I know I'm a burnley fan
Worldwide Football
Fantastic wonder goals..🤗🎆
Fantastic video..🤗
Icto Agn
I didn’t know Harry Kane played for wolves and looks like Ruben neves
That NaughtyBacon
Do you know what 19/20 means?
Goal Scorer
*Harry Kane stole this video* 🤣😎
Born Yesterday
Well yoi got the 2nd one wrong. Arnold tried crossing it and it came off an opposing player. It was not given to arnold but an own goal.
Norliee Junior
The goalkeeper must win the Bronze glove award
Supakon nitisiri
Wasn’t it Ruben Neves of Wolves againt Man united?😅
borna latsch
My favourite is Vincent Kompany's goal vs Leicester City
Long shots be like "'yes sir its chelsea"" Kepa is like ""y always me"
Sahil Ismailkhil
I scroll to the comments i see direct 20 comments u made a mistake harry kane vs juventus😂😂😂
Frenzy FC
Most of them are 18-19
tibo michielsen
Check always your video for mistakes , but no problem . It was a great video
Luke Charsley
Harry Kane still claiming goals😱
Abdulhamid Mukhtar
Lol Ruben nueves dream to score against Juve
Jedieel Benjamin Lopez Isidoro
I was gonna comment about

0:30 but it seems people already did my job
Entrangeda Marsupilamisi
Second goal was scored by jack wood for own goal
Alex Brezden
0:30 I didn’t know that jueventus wore red jersey and Tottenham wore orange and the Harry Kane was called Ruben neves
unkn own
Did anybody notice the ruben neves goal but with harry kane's name on it
When the title is PERFECT longshots, why is TAA in it? It took a deflection and went in, it was just a bad cross😂
Zain Productions
It says Harry Kane vs juve but it’s wolves vs Man U
Hedges Freeston
Lol Kane vs juventus that’s definitely Kane’s goal against juventus 👏👏👏👏😂😂😂
i know tottenham is sick and lit op but 0:25 ruben neves
Samuel Biswas
Lol it's ruben nueves against Manchester United not harry Kane and juventus...
Mahrez vs Brighton !???
0:23 Ehh what , im confused😂😂
Johan blo xy
0:30 a​ big​ mistake why's ruben neves harry​ kane and​ from totthenham vs​ juventus it​ should be Manchester​ united vs​ Wolves
SK boom
Harry Kane Vs Juventus? What?
TAA did not mean to score that, he meant to cross it in. Pure luck.
death's hell
defender kompany scored the winning goal of the season finish 1st by 1 point
Lilpetey The beast
0:25 Ruben neves vs Manchester United (my favorite team)
Tactics of Pep
*Trent Alexander-Arnold shot was a MASTERPIECE! Yes I know it was deflected but it was so beautiful goal* ✅👌🔥
João Gonçalves Marques
Why a lot of the goals are the last season and you said it is the season 19/20
Omar Farooq Mohammad
Vardly against man utd
Rohan Shah
Harry Kane vs Juventus LMAO SO FUNNY
Damian Tawadros
Are you a liverpool fan why you dont put the freekick of messi
Hamza Khan/ Speedcuber
Never knew that Harry Kane was from portugal and plays for wolves
Techno hacker
Ruben neves is one the best long ranger.but,in this video harry kane vs juventus .in really ruben neves vs man utd
AwwomeDude 123
Harry kane now cut his hair and plays now for Wolves, WHAT world was i in??
Daniela Mareboska
0:22 its wolfes vs unitet its not hary kane vs juventus
Tonizito PT
0:32 Not Harry Kane but Ruben Neves for wolverampthom
Karanveer Singh Dulku
Ronaldo vs atleti when courtois keeper
JayJay Antoun
That wasn't Harry Kane it was Ruben neves. It was man utd
Qilaadi yare
0:33 look it bro it's wrong it was
Ruben neves thanks 🙏🙏🙏
Harry Kane has changed since I’ve seen him and I don’t think Juventus is shit 🤣🤣🤣
My favourite was Kroos against Celta Vigo
Hahahah, Neves become Harry Kane 😂😂😂
Henry Myring
What's Alexander Arnold doing here that was a clear deflection
Omar Jafri
1:58 my goodness what a shot
Korey Cawood
Were is Mario Vrančić's 30 yarder against Blackburn.
You did 11 goals from 18/19
a mystery
Sir Alex is by far the best youtuber ever
Harry Kane looks funny

Looks like Neves pls like
Caile&Caine Gaming
So Harry Kane is Rueben Neves now is he and he plays for Tottenham now does he?
Vishwa Senthirkumar
Sir Alex what is the meaning of 2019/20
Sinan Sabith
Harry kane is best against juventus
Xavi Mace
Anthony Knockeart vs Palace??????