Top 10 Goalkeepers In Football 2019 ● Ter Stegen ● Alisson ● De Gea ● Navas ● Buffon ● & More

Top 10 Goalkeepers In Football 2019 ● Ter Stegen ● Alisson ● De Gea ● Navas ● Buffon ● & More The Top 10 includes Marc-André ter Stegen, Alisson Becker, David De Gea, Hugo Lloris, Gianluigi Buffon, Jan Oblak, Keylor Navas, Kepa Arrizabalaga, André Onana, and Wojciech Szczęsny! Sorrty to all the Ederson, Courtois, Handanovic and Neuer fans, but they didn't make the cut. Still I hope you enjoyed these amazing goalkeepers and there best saves of 2019! If you enjoyed, then be sure to like, comment and subscribe to see more awesome content in the future! #goalkeepers

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svit zagoričnik guči
what about Samir Handanovič he is the best in seria a
Joel Pro
I think ter Stegan is overall the best goalkeeper but my next one would be alison ter stegan dives reflexs and positioning is just insane while alison is very quick in his reactions the reason I feel the Stegan is gr8 because liverpool has the strongest defence which makes alison job easier compared to ter stegan which makes ter stegan the best!!!!!!🧐🧐
Kuldeep Das
If Onana keeps playing like this...His gonna be the best in Ajax🏆🏆
Like prro por estar hasta tarde \_>:v_/
Tenía que estar Ter Stegen 3 Lloris 2 y Alisson 1 (o_o)
Odhran Leahy
What about Manuel Neuer it’s just unrealistic
MAURICE O conselheiro
O Brasil tem os melhores goleiros da história

Taffarel,Júlio César,Alisson,Ederson,Neto

MAURICE O conselheiro
1Ter stegen

2 Alisson

3 de gea

4 neuer

5 Buffon

6 lloris

7 oblak

8 ederson

9 Coutois

10 Dnata
Ярикен футбол
Alisson is the best goalkeeper in terms of stats and consistency, but Ter Stegen still makes the most shocking saves in my opinion. Can we all just agree that Alisson and Ter Stegen are the two best goalkeepers in the world!?!? Much love, Jabzter 💙
Netanel Dvir
You made the video that is invested in good songs and there is nothing wrong with the subject but...the choise of the goalkeepers ,i think you should have chosen ederson and not navas, de gea with a bad season,or scezny that everyone say that is a good goalkeeper ( overeat) but you make the video with a lot investment i give you like 😜
juan cartagena
Alisson Navas and Ter stegen make the craziest saves
Daniel S
Mario si Gelu
I am a Barca fan but I think that Allison should be the first and Ter Stegen should be the second
shadow the movie plush Lopez
ter stegen is the best and buffon
Adel Elsheshtawy
Nice video😎
El Chico De La Bachata
Esas Si Son Atajadas Y No Pedazos😂
You forgot Ederson.why man city won 5 or 6 trophies this season.
Lloris should be = with alisson
Mario si Gelu
where is Neuer?(just joking)
Tuấn Phan
The best is allison
ايمن الظفيري ayman alzfyry
تقييم ممتاز شكرا صاحب القناه
I always love ur video presentation bro... Keeep going.. And u have included very good cuts... goosebumps moments in the video... Congrats... But i have a suggestion on ur rankings....

For me 2019....

1.Alisson becker
2.Andre Ter - Stegen
3.Jan Oblak
4.Ederson Moares
5.Kepa Arrizabalaga
6.Peter Gulacsi gea

Keylor navas, buffon.... Both played lesser games this season since their respective teams have another good its good that they aren't added.... Ederson and gulacsi had a great great great season 2019....also gea is very very talented keeper.... He is a real spider man... But we all saw his mistakes in man united goal line which costs man united huge losses... He doesn't deserve to be in no. 4 position....also kepa did a very bright season so far.... And made sensational saves in many important occations..... And yes alisson for me he is the best for 2019...he is the only goalkeeper in the history to get 3 golden gloves in a season.. For club and also for Country... For me he is the best.... He played a huge part for liverpool in UCL winning and For Brazil in copa winning.... He is inevitable....

Just my opinion bro... I just love ur channel always.. Keep going.... Lots of love❤️.... All d best and thank u... 👍😊
Muhammad Timol
Handanovic best saves video plz
MrArtan_ the 2312lele
Handanovic play cricket
tal mesika
Jan oblak is the best
Harry Forsen
2.ter stegen
Ludwidg Josil
hey ,xq esta en segundo alisson? es el mejor terminó mejor arquero de la liga de champions y de la premier League, tmb de la copa América, esto no tiene sentido de verás. ..puchaaaaa
Nicolas Koch
Buffon 8 oh no
Saad Ben
Alisson is the best
Mejor Portero del Mundo
Likaso amigo 👍👍👍
PierMattia Forese
Buffon is the best
alexandru mnr
Alisson is just overrated
Тихон Николаевич
По ходу все видосы делают барселоховци.... какой нахуй тер штенен на первом?!
gustavo extreme
O alissom tinha que ser o primeiro
alpha man channel
❤ pls
Super dope post.
fj 90323334
Where are the leno and ederson
María dolores Brotons alemañ
Eres del barsa Das asco tus videos son malos
Der Sportliebhaber
Neuer is the best
Бəрі бір алланың қолыңдаSamsung J100
Кеилор навас ен уздик
Edinsson Hernández
Si el mejor es alisso por ganar una champion y una Copa América
gustavo extreme
O al isso tinha que ser o primeiro
Lukáš Bartoník
Instead buffon handanovic
First video i saw from you you had 700 subs and now 18k subs you are a king
Huy Hoang Tran
Battle Gang tv
Kepa arrizabalaga et le meilleur 😂💗
Mymdraz Draz
اين اندرسون
Hoda Mjdalani
تير شتيغن. اليسون. اوبلاك. دي خيا. لوريس. نافاس. اونانا. حارس اليوفنتوس. سمير هيدوفيتش. بوفون
Balea 88
Ter Stern ist for my the best Goalkeeper in the world
Ярикен футбол
Vito Bartol
Ok.i like your top 10 but where is neur and cqourtoca sory if i cant spell his name
Samuel Alexandre
De gea, Ter Stegen, Navas, Alisson, Onana. Best
Camilo Reyes Borges
Man you missed Wilker Fariñez
Where’s Ederson
Legend Gamer
where is ederson
Ter stegen de #1 ? Jajaja q broma
Yasindenizhd Can
Neuer all years the best 💪
esta en psg buffon
Nnamdi Munachi
WHERE'S EDERSON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Patrik Zlodi
Alisson 1
Hovo K-yan
Ter Stegen the best golakeeper
ايمتون_نت Aymton_net
الترتيب خطاء
NIG Actag3
حسام المصري
Moments Funny,Mejores Moments
Faltaba Bravo!
roman tico
kepa el mejor
Khalifa Al-Muthanna
Where is courtois
Where’s Ederson?!?!
Emma Obiri Yeboah
Alison /kepa
Abdhulla Sadhiq
Look at kepa's teeth
Luis Guman
Mejor navas es mejor
Luis Guman
Mejor navas like comentó courtois
Anthony Giannola
Wait were is donarruma
Ana Perez
Wuat the live
Emma Obiri Yeboah
Luca Pugliese
Adel Elsheshtawy
I want the song name while lloris was playing plz😊
Μαρία Χατζηρόδου
Wheres ederson
Muhammad Abdul salam
Where is ederson?
Pedro Fernandes
Emileidy Orizco
kamel bentchakal
Et le goal de l' algerie
Stephanie Lebrun
manuel nouer ou Thibault courtois il sont ou
Nas 786
Michel Muanamame
EDERSON est meilleur mais pourquoi ne figure t il pas?
Tommaso Amoni
Where is Handanović?
David de saver
Spot on list. Honestly I would switch oblak and lloris but beside that I think it's perfect
Эдхем Эфендиев
alok leishangthem
Howz on earth sczergy is better than navas
Tania johana Moreira muñoz
keilor navas
Baonam Sang
enderson ?
BlackStorm Gaming
De Gea 1
Los Cabezeros OMG
Yo creo que keylor Navas debería estar en top 5 por lo menos a echo mucho:v
foxgamer Santo
Imjabster what your goolkiper favorite?
Kriseri Katti
Where courtois
Ozlem Norter
Galatasaray muslera
Айбек Амангелдиев
Ter Stegen