This is Football 2019

This is Football 2019
The video include Football Skills, Tricks, Dribbling , Saves & Goals , from Cristiano Ronaldo , Neymar Jr , Lionel Messi , Paul Pogba , Mohamed Salah , , Gianluigi Buffon ,Kylian Mbappé , Eden Hazard , Angel Di Maria and more...
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Congrats Miro production, ready for 2019-2020 good luck
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one of the best football video that i have ever watched
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Can’t wait for more videos in the 2019/20 season
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Miro congrats on 200,000 you deserve it brother keep up the amazing work
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God vídeo, but football isn't just champions league and premier league
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Congrats! You do fantastic work. Well deserved.
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Vini Football
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Football is my passion i love football
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16 dislike from the keeper who got humiliated
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You deserve 1,000,000 subscribers
where u can gets your clips?
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Miro onde vc pega esses dribles sem a logo marca?
Me ajuda.
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Esse Canal É Br Ou Não? Kk Sempre Achei Q Era Br
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This is awesome
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Parabéns pela meta atingida, muito sucesso sempre a ti e ao canal!! Qualidade monstra!!!
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😊Miro Congrats
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It really is Football
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this is cool
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There is no football without messi and ronaldo
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There is no better football channel than yours!
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Great vid, great edit..Congrats on 200k but you could put more of Red Star Belgrade then 1 second of Delije, for example goal of Pavkov against Liverpool or something, but still great vid mate :)
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Men Sopheap
Song name?
salut miro produçoes je voulais te demander si tu pouvais me dire comment tu trouve tes extraits de videos pour faire une video j'arrive pas a faire une video no copyright a chaque fois ya des droits d'auteur merci de me repondre
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Hey guys. I am a new youtuber posting great football videos. Please help me grow. I hope you guys like it
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andres garcia
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Good video I ask permission to change the music I want to edit it and upload it to my social networks and I will give you credits to subscribe to your channel answer please
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