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The controversial video between A and B in Jeju Island was recently leaked. A surprising part about this leak was that it was planned out to the T from C broadcast station for the purpose of noise marketing. However, the show in question is over and the virtual marriage program that was the point of the marketing is hitting rock bottom in viewer ratings. However, there are two with social security numbers that start with a 1 males start with 1, females start with 2. The public is already aware of a transgender group L, which means there is another either male or a transgender registered as a girl group member. Hallyu star E who is currently enjoying huge popularity in China was recently going to go public with his new relationship but had to find a new timing once media outlet F went forward with the release of the dating scandal of G and H. Boy band member I, whose group is known for their perfect choreography, recently came out to his members. Recently, however, he confessed to his fellow members. In keeping up with the trend of hits, boy group J recently hit 1 with a remake of a popular past hit track.


I imagine that this is what his hair would look like as he got out of bed to go to the bathroom in the morning after a long, wonderful night with me. Yeah, he’d look that satiisfied too Highlight three, lawn chair dork time. DongWoo is adorkable; I mentioned this in the White Confession review. I just want to keep his as my little pet bunny no Aki intended… maybe.

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They are the best rokkies the last year, they worked hard to be the best. They are really funny and so adorable They are the best B1A4 should be on the top list. I am not a Kpop fan before but when I tend to listen to B1A4 songs, I kept on listening everyday and I really love them. B1A4 composed their own songs and that’s one of their edge.

They also have unique and natural personalities even on and off cam. Baro has exceptional rap and dance talent, Jinyoung as song writer, singer, composer, Gongchan with sweet amazing voice, Sandeul with powerful voice, CNU with great singing talent and dance moves. All of them are amazing. We love so you much to the moon and back! Hope to see you soon.

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Zurab Azmaiparashvili will lead ECU for the second time! The European School Chess Championship finished yesterday in Krakow, Poland, with the participation of more than players from over 20 European federations divided in 6 age categories open and girls: The event took place from 13th st June, in Niksic, Montenegro, with participation of players from 18 federations, which is the new record of the event.

The event will be played in 4 age categories:

Få tilbud på mobilabonnement fra flere operatører er en gratis og uforpliktende anbudstjeneste som lar mobiloperatørene konkurrere om å gi deg det beste og billigste mobilabonnementet.

Presentation 63 episodes, approx. October 28, November 25, , and January 6, Introduction: What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us. The King and I, which runs well over 70 hours, is a fictionalized dramatization not only of a great many characters and events across the better part of a century, but the political struggles and cultural practices of a time now remote. Moreover, the most important characters in the series are a class of people never before, to my knowledge, given pride of place in a popular well-funded television program from any country.

For us Westerners, this part series comes with an unfortunate title. To put us further off the scent, there isn’t one king here but several, two of which we get to know quite well; and there isn’t one “I” but several, again two that command attention in specific relation to their king. King Sejo, whom we get to know largely by frequent reference by those who follow him, takes power in a coup, an event whose effects rattle on across three generations.

L (Kim Myung-Soo)

I saw all three of my favorite groups perform this week and they were all amazing. But I have to say, without a doubt, Super Junior is the best. It was staggeringly evident how much time and effort they put into this show. They were born for this.

Apr 21,  · scenario #Big Bang #Big Bang scenario #Kpop Scenarios # ceo-panda liked [Infinite Scenario] Sungjong: Falling In Love With A Trainee (Part 2) To the anon who requested a Sungjong scenario where you’re intimidated/scared of him when you first meet since he’s an idol (but Here is my oneshot featuring my OCs.

The interview with the 7 members, Kim Sunggyu-Jang Dongwoo-Nam Woohyun-Hoya-Lee Sungyeol-L-Lee Sungjong, had a unchanging bright and fun tone from start to finish, and they turned up the mood, making the laughter unstoppable. I tipped cups of alcohol with the 7 members of Infinite, who are dreaming of a world stage, at a snack bar in Hongdae. Most of them drank rice wine, while L drank Chungha. Considering the amount of members, we ordered various dishes to go with our drinks such as stir-fried chicken and roasted ham.

While the drunk talk was going on, the members constantly clinked glasses together and one-shotted their drinks. Of course, if we see fans that come to see us, having just that is heartwarming.


Seriously, we could talk about them forever! Sunggyu is a natural leader. Usually, I find that members reflect their leader, and that must be part of why Infinite is so dedicated, sincere and humble as a group. I admire Sunggyu for his passion and ability to lead, teach, and watch over his dongsaengs. Dongwoo is pretty much an angel. He also has amazing insight.

Sungjong mengajak Hoya bersama suatu waktu, tapi Hoya berakhir dengan hanya berdiri disana sementara Sungjong dan girl group itu berbincang-bincang diantara mereka. Woohyun memilih Orange Caramel sebagai girl group yang dia ingin muncul bersama di ‘We Got Married’.

October 09, The handsome idol took all the winter trends and gave each a colorful twist. His looks included two-tone cardigans, high boots, print sweatshirts, metallic jumpers, leather bags and navy strap watches by brands like Guess, Fendi and The Studio K. Among the affordable accessories, there was a pair of Dr. Martens “Flora” Chelsea boots. The leather shoes are a polished burgundy color, can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail. Sungjong coupled the boots with the same Burberry contrast yoke cashmere blend sweater Lee Min Ho wore in Elle.

For another look, Sungjong modeled Bottega Veneta’s byzantine corduroy blouson. The relaxed-fit jacket is a bright purple and has a crinkled look that makes it very casual. It can be yours HERE and can be appreciated below.

18 Things Only Found at INFINITE’s “The Eye” Showcase

Joe Hyung kau mau? Ya ampun ada apa ini? Ah bukan, itu punya L. Ah ini ada apa sebenarnya? Semenjak… Seminggu yang lalu, kami mengadakan fan meet di Singapore. Fans kami sangat banyak, kecuali aku.

The story of a mom who stay with her children again after her children jobless. Na Moon Hee is an owner of a noodle shop. Her children already independent and stay in their own house.

Lucy Infinite 19 Komentar Di postingan kali ini gw mau curhat tentang awal kenal Infinite. Sebenarnya gw udah tau tentang boyband bernama Infinite ini. Tapi karena waktu itu masih rookie makanya gw ga terlalu peduli. Gue pikir itu editan karena mereka nari dengan gerakan slow motion, eh pas gw liat performnya ternyata itu asli udaa mule tertarik. Dan gw juga demen ama L, habis menurut gw dia paling cute walopun di MV-nya dia babak belur ama Woohyun. Gara-gara MV paradise itu gw tertarik sama Sungjong dia manly banged.

Gw mule donlot live perform Paradise dan jujur gw juga suka sama koreografi mereka kali ini gw langsung mikir siapa sih yang bikin koreografi Infinite, kok bisa keren banged. Terus gw langsung donlot seluruh lagu-lagu mereka dari awal.

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Top star A is in a slump these days. Up until a while ago, he’s been double dating top stars B and C, even going on vacation to Japan with B, but it seems that both relationships have come to an end. C had actually been overheard revealing to her associates that “A is just a sexual partner, the relationship is not problematic for me. One industry insider said, “A lot of people think it’s unfortunate the situation A is in but unlike the clean image he’s known for, he’s actually quite different on the inside.

Lee Min Ho B:

Sungjong has a brother who is three years younger than him. Sungjong home town is in Gwangju, in the Jeolla province. Sungjong is a student at Jeoju Arts High School.

Reviews, announcements and related news on music groups in the fast-paced K-Pop industry. Friday, August 10, What If: This is just me being random as an Infinite and A-Pink fan. I think these two groups are very fun and full of personality, so I thought it’d be fun to imagine what would happen if they dated or became good friends. Known as “Grandpa Gyu,” Sunggyu’s responsible, authoritative personality will help control Rong Mama’s often random, childish and free-spirited weirdness described in a good way.

Just like their randomness, both have a huge love for leopard print fashion. When asked if his ideal was “cute” or “sexy,” he just laughed and asked, “Can’t I have both? They are also the biggest complainers in their respective groups, so it will be hilarious to see them unleash their grievances on each other. Though they are among the best dancers in their group, their every-day body movements often remind me of animals from the zoo.

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Over The Top – Gold edition I became an Inspirit well after these albums were initially released, so I don’t have first press of these. As for Over The Top, there is only first press or the new gold edition. I had bought one copy of OTT new but weirdly enough they sent me two without the exterior slip and with a “Used” stamp.

Because of this, my collection still feels like it’s missing OTT. Mine only came with Sungjong’s, then I started collecting more but never finished.

Aug 06,  · Açıkçası nereden başladım bu işe hiç bilmiyorum neden neden diye kendime soruyorum. Hayaller ve gerçekler olayını yaşadığım bir tecrübe oldu benim için.

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Vlog: Infinite’s L Dating Scandal?

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