Best Football Skills 2019/20 #4

Best Football Skills 2019/20 #4
The video include Football Skills, Tricks, Dribbling & Goals , from Cristiano Ronaldo , Kylian Mbappé , Ángel Di María , Lucas Paqueta , Eerton Cebolinha , Daniel Alves , Isco and more…

1st Song:NEFFEX - Numb [Copyright Free]

2nd Song:High Up (feat. Known.)

3d Song:Josh A - Right Now

4th Song:Beatcore & Ashley Apollodor - Burning Bridges [NCS Release]
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Severino Cândido
Sera que sou o unico brasileiro quem for brasileiro like de outro pais comenta
amin musaad
5:57 when Pepe nutmegged Ben Mee, it goes with the song lyrics, this is so smart!!!!!!
javiersillo tejeda
oye wey están padres tus vídeos muy bien
Guga Alves
Que edição top Mano✌🏼
Rupali Marke
Ronaldo is showing his class. Who says Ronaldo can't dribble.😁😁😁😄👽🤖
Sahil Joshi
Amazing work though
Junior Golden
You know you messed up when you use Neffex song in a video, it just makes me want to watch the video silenced or not watch it at all
Aleja_ MH
Likeeee bro ♥️♥️😎
FiihDoLuxeyy !
alessandro leon
Roba Saadalla
the 1st omar amr
warrior_youtube Mialot
Pour une fois ya choupo moting dans ta video 😂
Amazing bro😍
great work.....!
{D3} Gui
Qual nome da primeira música
chegar hood
Best video
كل شيئ في العالم
Besl canell Football in world
kiho chung
한국분들 부탁용
Song: Neffex- Numb
Sobuj Khan
I love it love love love
Vten Official
Cr7 is the best..
Isslam Nesim
Vini Football
Goolazii HD
First comment 👀👀
Onyeka Stanley
Can you create a football skills vid featuring the women especially with what they played in the just concluded women's World Cup. I think it'll be lit
Kurosaki Ichigo
Rocco Rocha
What a vid miro
Ahmad Gattwinkel
nice video
Murat Bulukgiray
Ronaldo is the best
Shek Idreesh
Ronal ki taknek
Diego Ferruzzi
good vids
Mdz Eeeed
and Nice in France youcef atal vs renne
Tumamá PuntoCom
El fútbol es necesario!, Cambia la vida de la gente, y cuando se toma en serio, llega a ser hermoso!
Show de bola.
Young Nam
Everything looks good in slow mo.. show the moves in real speed first.
Chacko George Yogiaveedu
Love ur vids bro...
ترفيه و ألعاب DH
Dennaldo Dodd
Nice vide again bro 👍👍
Matheus Alves
Muito top !
what is your email, wanted to send you a business inquiry
MR Football

A video on the best midfielder in the world Frienkie De Jong
Vlad Fotbal
Very cool..
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