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MichaelCrider May 15, , What if your laptop lacks a bunch of external video ports? The Ideal Solution for Newer Laptops: Thunderbolt Thunderbolt 3, which uses the new USB Type-C connector standard, is the newest way for laptops and tablets to output video. The advantages are obvious: Not only does this reduce clutter on your desk—assuming you have the hardware to take advantage of it, of course—it means laptops can be made smaller and thinner by consolidating ports. So, if you have a laptop with Thunderbolt 3 and a Thunderbolt-capable monitor, this is by far the best solution. We recommend checking out this Dell Thunderbolt Dock , though there are others out there as well. Specialized adapters—basically mini-laptop docks—are designed for the purpose of regular docking to a multi-monitor setup with mice, keyboard, and other connections. That may take a while, since some manufacturers like Microsoft seem oddly hesitant to adopt the standard.


Print Article AA We love everything about The Newsroom, so don’t even start to try to tell us that it’s unrealistic or that the characters are all too witty. Civility, respect, and a return to what’s important; the death of bitchiness; the death of gossip and voyeurism; speaking truth to stupid. No demographic sweet spot; a place where we can all come together.

The sex scenes, for which we’ve come to know and love on premium cable? They’re all but nonexistent through season one. But we’re a pretty optimistic bunch, so here’s the list of love action we want to when the second season kicks off Sunday night.

So thanks to Whisper, check out the Uber hookup confessions below.. Here Are 18 Sex In An Uber Confessions So the lesson is that Uber cars can also double as the location of your next sex romp.

But is it sexist? The first girl to rate guys on the app won the prize money. Claxton quickly began rating her Facebook friends—guys she knew—and then broadened, reviewing guys that been selected for her at random. As part of the process, she assigned each guy hashtags pre-chosen for her by Lulu. Lulu, now seven months old, is rapidly gaining popularity. Using the app, girls can anonymously rate and review their male Facebook friends, as well as men they don’t know, completely anonymously.

The app launched in February and now boasts 1 million users—all of whom are girls, and most of whom are between the ages of 18 and


Your hub for horsepower Get first access to hit shows like Roadkill and Dirt Every Day Join free for 14 days now Now we had the forward location of the center of the brake cable loop, and could measure the approximate length of the front brake cable we needed, plus find a good location for the rear of the front brake cable to be secured. We had an original Ford e-brake cable, but decided against using it.

A modern cable would be the answer, both for flexibility in routing and because you can order exactly the length and end mounts you need. Our experience with previous rods and a Bonneville car told us we needed only make one call: Our gennie cable was much too long for our application.

Y ou’re at a gay bar with a group of searching, horny guys, and you’re talking to a bunch of them at once. “Pull your dick out,” you say to one of the cuter ones. He does, and it’s hard and good.

Originally Posted by jimcolt The Powermax45 has a rear panel interface connector that has two pins for start, two for arc transfered signal used with the AVHC height control and two with a The start input on this connector is not active when a hand torch is attached If you want to use the hand torch for a machine application As a Hypertherm employee I cannot offer advice on how to bypass a safety circuit in one of our systems, however if I was not a Hypertherm employee I probably would have done the interface the same way!

Best bet is to pony up a few extra bucks and get the machine torch Will the wiring void the warranty? Only if it causes a warranty problem


Winter Watershed Yakima Basin Storage Alliance To launch a grass-root campaign designed to educate and raise the awareness about irrigated agriculture and its relationship with Washington State communities and economies. To provide evidenced demonstrating why the Yakima Basin desperately needs increased storage. To become a resource and catalysts for storage activism, both locally and statewide. To actively investigate, identify, assess, and promote storage solutions while presenting a unified, informed alliance to engage opposition.

We had a very spacious, level site that was full hookup. There is a section of the park that is on the flat and intended as an overflow area or late arrival area as campers arriving after dark could have difficulty traversing the campground roads.

We take a swipe on the wild side. The gentleman was listed as Orthodox and kosher, which is way too religious for my friend whose JSwipe account I was test-driving. With a swish he was gone. This wasn’t even my own account on JSwipe, which has been described as the Jewish Tinder. JSwipe is neither the first nor the most recent Jewish dating app. It launched about nine months ago in timing with Passover because nothing says love like a story of slavery and eight days of eating a cracker that will ruin your digestive system.

Since then, the app has gained over , users in more than 70 countries, according to its founder. What was more fascinating to me is that both Orthodox and non-religious Jewish friends had been using it and talking to me about it in the past month. Although you can filter for only Jewish options on many dating sites, and even denominations of Judaism on others, JSwipe’s layout somehow made it all easier.

In addition, there was even a spot to mark whether you were kosher, which is actually a big deal if you really like bacon or, like me, expend too much energy attempting to resist it. There are no Woody Allen-style stuttering neurotic attempts to lay out complicated religious philosophy or existential questions about the existence of God; here were quick yes-and-no markers to the Jewish lifestyle practices that could make or break a relationship.

Unfortunately, yours truly couldn’t get in on the fun. I actually downloaded the app last summer and was embarrassed because none of my friends seemed to use it.

Public Service Announcement: Sex hookup sites are scams

We’ve tested scores of them, and these are the best VPN services for Windows. If so, you’re in the majority, and you ought to consider using a virtual private network, or VPN. Even among those who support net neutrality—who you might think would tend to be well informed on security and privacy issues—55 percent had never used a VPN. That attitude to the safety and privacy of personal data creates an enormous risk when it comes to online security.

Public Wi-Fi networks, which are ubiquitous and convenient, are unfortunately also highly convenient for attackers looking to compromise your personal information.

What is One Bunch Hook Up, LLC? Established in in New Orleans, OneBunchHookUp, LLC is a small non-emergency transportation company that came into existence as a result of limited handicap-accessible transportation for the elderly.

Aug 22, It is my aphrodisiac. It turns me on. It makes me want to hump anything on two legs and the occasional wall. And usually they decide to head home for a little intoxicated fun. Unless they are over-ruled by my belly, in which case we make a pit-stop for breadsticks en route to the fun. And fun we have.

If you are one to think before you act unlike me and my unruly libido , you may want to consider some of the pros and cons to Not-So-Sober Sex before you head home with a gent. Your inhibitions go out the window. Your ability to tell if someone is really attractive goes out the window. It feels so good Con: The motion of the ocean might make you hurl Pro: You get to meet someone new Con: Two drunk people attempting to put certain things in certain places gets messy and ugly.

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The scary, slow creep of Trumpism. January 4, – 7: Each step was so small, so inconsequential, so well explained or, on occasion, ‘regretted. I’ve been trying to notice all the “inconsequential” things in America, lately, during this so-called “time of transition” into Donald J. Trump’s unprecedented and not ” unpresidented ” presidency that begins in just over two weeks. By that, I mean all the news items which — viewed in isolation — seem a little weird or even “off,” but not necessarily earth-shattering.

Nov 10,  · but this one guys talkin bout pullin out powertools an a bunch of other stuff like makin brackets an what not. (not knockin it in anway). two zipties require only needle nosed pliers to pull tight. and stop only 3/8s wrench. zipties a little ghetto ill admit .

Like the TS , though, the TS ‘s text and photo output is very strong, but it did struggle some in testing when printing dark fills and backgrounds in Excel charts and PowerPoint handouts. Otherwise, it’s an inexpensive alternative to the TS for low-volume printing of photos and documents for home users. Design and Features Like the other TS-series Pixmas, the TS performs three functions—print, scan, and copy—and comes in three colors: Unlike the other TS models, though, the TS has only one paper input source, a tray that extends out from the rear of the chassis and holds sheets or 20 sheets of premium photo paper.

The TS and the TS come with not only a rear tray but also a sheet cassette up front. In addition, at 5 by The control panel consists of a 3-inch color non-touch LCD that you navigate with four directional buttons and an OK button for executing commands.

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Home Electrical System Erica Staeuble The Meter The main line typically comes off a pole but can also be buried underground to the house where it connects to the meter. Meters are typically installed on the exterior of the home, where they can be read by utility company meter-readers. Most meters are mechanical, with a spinning wheel and mechanical display of numbers. Some newer meters are digital, showing a display on an LCD screen. The meter tallies the amount of electricity used in a home in units of kilowatt hours kWh.

The total increase in the number of kWh from one month to the next is the number used by the electric utility for your bill.

Is tinder the best hookup app – Want to meet eligible single woman who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who’ve tried and failed to find the right man offline, relations can provide. Rich woman looking for older woman & younger woman. I’m laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I’m a woman. My interests include staying up late and taking naps.

How do you rate this product? Write a headline for your review here: Write your review here: We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Batteries seem to last a long time. I got two to independently control the gloves, jacket base layer, pant base layer, and heated socks.

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Space is at a premium. The answer is no, the camper definitely does not look like this when we camp. For one thing, we have three kids. I would spend my entire trip cleaning up after them if I wanted the camper to look nearly this nice. Having three kids means we need the dinette to be used as a bed more than a table, and we really need to utilize that counter space for storage.

After being a family man, and a religious one to boot, for all these years, I’m sure he’s out sowing his wild oats with a bunch of boys,” Anderson added. I’m sure he’s out sowing his wild oats.

We collected 11 stories from Dinahs past to highlight some of the crazy fun that can be experienced, should you be so lucky or, in some cases, unlucky. She said she never acted that way, but she said I was an angel and she decided to seize the opportunity! Then they would walk in, go to the ladies room, stand in the middle of a group of women, reach between their legs, pull out the can and pop it open.

Who thinks this up as a great way to pick up women? And what women falls for it?! The gimmicks women come up with to attract attention amongst the 10K are unbelievable! Because a hot butch was talking to me. Am I expected to not talk to her? When we got there, she literally could not have acted less interested in me. She totally ignored me the whole time and cozied up to my friends. I started to realize she only wanted to go because she thought my friends were cool and wanted to be friends with them.

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