The Season: Ole Miss Football - Memphis (2019)

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95 комментариев
roderick parker
I'm not an Ole Miss fan but I enjoy watching this. It's very well done. With that being said, this might be a long season for Ole Miss fans. Good luck. Roll Tide.
John Everett
SEC - It just means more... when you lose to Memphis GO TIGERS GO
Squirt 20441
We need to put that Memphis game behind us and work on the upcoming game
10:55 killed me of laughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Henry Hyneman
Let’s keep
Our heads up
Keith pete
How is Matt Luke not fired yet?
Haha, love that sad music whenever they lose. Ole Miss will never be as good as LSU. P.S. Ole Miss, actually get a real mascot instead of insulting sharks.
Ken Williams
It's going to be a long.........long.........season folks. Lets just be honest here. Hype doesn't cut it.
Will Stafford
We gotta be good with the “mmmkay” mmmkay! Very motivating as a coach mmmkay!
Leon Andrews
If these team gets any worse, they will have to wear orange.
Phil A
Love coach Luke's positive attitude.
Will Richey
Can't stand Ole Miss, but I love watching these videos. Gives a new perspective to us who aren't living the life of a college athlete or coach. Really great job on the video. That being said, Go Hogs.
Luke Shaw
The Ole miss family’s parents got a divorce when high freeze got fired...the kids are still getting over it.
All Pro Sports
Get ready to blast Arkansas forget about that Memphis game
Doug Sells
What's the count on Jacob Peeler saying "ok" during his segment? lol
James Saxon
y’all lost
William Evins
Let's regroup and beat those hogs fellas!!! Put that game behind you.
Carson Smith
Do a story thing on Ben brown
Parker Carter
wasn't expecting to use WKU (my alma mater) film for first game reminder
I can do all things
If we don’t get this W the season is over
Roll Tide Ole Maggots! 🐘 🌊
Dana McArdle
Do you think Laremy Tunsil is watching this ?
Jonathan Croucher
The coach is a big fan of the letter 'K'
Squirt 20441
Dude everyone saying Matt Corel is not good HES A RED SHIRT FRESHMAN LIKE OMG
Kyle Frame
Go Tigers Go
Jonathan Carey
Think he got marshall and tulane confused
eddie c
That offensive tackle is garbage how the hell he playing in the SEC!! He slow and a pushover
Markus Hayden Sutherland
LAS manos!
clint fowler
They need to go back to paying guys.... just don’t get caught this time calling escort services... as I wise man once said... they tried to have a nativity at ole miss... they had to call it off... couldn’t find 3 wise men or a virgin 🤯
Joseph Gillespie
the offense needs a little time to grow up just set your expectations of them low cause there all new to this give them a year and they will be way better
The defense is good the offense needs a little work
BDRebel24 _
Put Jerrion Ealy in. He neeeeeeds to start. I have seen him play. His school was a rival to mine. He is amazing.
b ray
Offensive line, corral, and the WRs looked absolutely trash. They won't win 3 games with that offense. But I'm super proud of the defense they did everything they needed to do to win and the O let them down. Gonna be a long year rebs. Maybe even yearS.
So Corrall was a 4/5 star right?....right?
Go Tigers
T Zeutzius
dman this team sucks
FORD Eaton
ole miss qb is about sorry as they come.
Tanner Elliotte
Breaking in a brand new offensive line can be tough. Played better second half though. Matt Coral better pick it up, or he won't be starting very long. That safety cost Ole Miss the game. Throw the ball away!
red or blue pill
old guy
We have no offensive line, no quarterback, no receivers, but the defense does look a little better. It's going to be a long season.
Kevin Avant
Go hogs beat old miss old miss sucks
Franklin Waddell
Lifelong Razorback! (go hogs go) However...Coach Morris.... Is a "dipstick" OK? He's got to go! You guys can "help"...heres what I need: "Kick the do do out of us OK?" Afterwards.... Say "the only reason we stomp Arkansas... Is because "Coach Morris.... Is a complete tool! Morris couldn't coach "crap... Outta a Goose! He's the worst coach we've ever faced! (Thanks Rebels. Countin on you boys!) Otherwise... Woo pigs.... Sooiee! (miles of Texas) PS Y'all can do this! (please?)
Jeff Dixon
They keep referring to the game as a defensive struggle..... as if that will hide the fact that the offense was absolutely atrocious...
harvey honeycutt
Go REBS~~~Beat the Hogs!!!!
Erik Pederson
Sec is overrated!
BDRebel24 _
We need a new quarterback. Matt Corral is not good.
allie robertson
Hail state boyssssss