The Best of College Football 2019-20 | Week 1 ᴴᴰ

Top Plays from Week 1 of College Football! (2019-2020)

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Nutter Butter331
You don’t understand how long I’ve been waiting for this
how long do these take you? Been watching these since the beginning of the Lamar Jackson era and fell in love with your vids, keep up the great work!
two words. geaux. tigers.
Ken Guidry
It’s scary to think that we’re only just getting started ... this vid was one of the best sports comps I’ve seen, perfect music and perfect editing
excellent vid but u should really link what music u use in the vids
Caleb Hill
Great Video I'm subscribing hoping you do a new weeks highlights every week.
Tina Cornell
The UNC coach dancing at the end was lit😂💯
Austin Green
If someone would name all the songs that would be great or just some of them
I look forward to every week for these videos. Best highlights in college football. Recaps the entire week perfectly.
Gavin Sauter
If these videos don’t get you hyped for college football, then I don’t know what else does. Gotta love college football❤️ Go Hawkeyes!
Carson Pieters
How do u even get all the great higlights??? Anyways best college football videos I have ever seen have been from u... great work
Henry Jasper
This editing is amazing! Good job, Keep up the Good Work! College Football is back baby letsss gooooo
Derrick M
Simply amazing work - sharing with as many friends as I can 🔥🔥🔥
Somalian Jesus
Yyyyyeeessss been waiting for yonks for this
I love your videos and this is great work! But why no Ball State or IU highlights. I mean Ball State did have that hurdle that ended up on SCTop10! I may be biased bc I grew up an IU fan and I currently attend Ball State but I feel like there was definitely something from them to be included in this video.
Colby Austin
Brooo!! How did you not put a replay of the throw/catch around 11:40??That was a DOT!!! Still a sick edit though.
ImToo Beast
Benjamin Sparks
Cooper Anderson
I got a high school football game tmr night and this is pumps me up let’s gooooo baby!!!!🔥🔥🔥

Like if u agree
Little_ Dada
Finally 🥵 I needed dis
IMO, This guy Sick EditzHD makes the fucking best College Football edits man..the feeling of the music and the crowd is just so good.
Sick Editz brings the heat for the start of the 2019 season!! Let's go!!
IG: kallmemanny
mannn i love football edits
Matthew Morell
Amazing video! The best out there by far! Keep doing what you’re doing! The way those highlights went it looked like a season full but it was only week 1 I can’t wait for week 2!!! #GoNeers! 🖤💛
Brett Gilliam
Love your work but would love to see some of the NT Mean Green incredible plays. QB #6 Mason Fine is an incredible QB, ranked #1 in the State of Texas this year in a TexasFoot all magazine! Again, love see your work. #GMG
Garrett Britton
Should have played Utah's highlights through not just a catch and then moving on
You just gave me a new favorite song thanks for that
Angelo Bazan
Great job on editing, this vid is awesome keep up the great work
TTV_Dark_Bulldog Dante
Great vid I am looking forward to the next great job buddy
Wayne Anguiano
Its been to long, one of the best things about Collage football is the sickeditz on Wednesday, awesome video, awesome job
Amari Wilson
bruh im literals amazed like words can't explain how beautiful this video is
OpTic FaZe SmEg
#13 Rashod Bateman on Minnesota. Get to know the name, he will be playing on Sundays in 2021
Georgia BullDawgs
Wheres Georgia Bulldogs
The cuts in this video are perfectly timed and it really makes this video a work of art
Victor Finlay
The worst games to watch live but somehow they get turned into an amazing video 👌🏼 keep up the great work, all year!
Zack McClary
YESSIR! Keep the weekly's coming
Nathan Kpodo
ASU actually has highlights. Go sun Devils
Michael Poole
Machine Gun Kelly: GLASS HOUSE
Derrick Borzon
Should definitely do more edits like this loved this video
God bless Mac Brown. Hook em
E1 Highlights
Anyone know what font he uses for his Watermarks
Peter Talsness
FSU was foolish to run Jimbo out of town.
Hook’em 🤘 we’ re back baby
Beck Janki
Awesome! this video should not have any dislikes this is a great highlight video! Go Bucks
This year is the ACC we back at it #ACC
Richard Hunter
2 Miami Hurricane plays... sheesh
Go Washington Football
Go Huskies!!
Josh Headley
its gay im not allowed to download this for offline
Sarah B
Hook 'Em Horns!
Phillip Hodges
wasn't aware that a team touching a stone or cheerleaders cheering was considered the best of college football. As much as the Longhorns were in there kind of makes me wonder if you are a fan of theirs.
Drake Jordan
Mississippi state bby
Jacob Fleming
Great video but where are the dawgs
Ethan S. Mayer
I love how Hawaii is in this video. We barely get any recognition.
Dacota Maris
Wayyyyyyyy too many clips of KU.
Bossman Greg
You won week one with the highlights
Raphael Zbysheski
Love these videos so much
John McFarland
You are the goat
D. M. Gamez
ChrisIs Golden
Scott's Tots
It’s the greatest time of the year!
The walk on!!!
Ray W
OSU fan for Life
Joshua LEao
kill da music, but TY
Soft Watermelonn
yo, i like cheese tho
Owen Wiseman
U a Texas fan
YES FINALLY THANK YOU. I hope you're aTexas fan
Austin Ruth
Where’s penn state bro
Max Jardine
Here early
cameron whitaker
12thman Railfans
GO HAWKS!!!! Beat State
The music ruins this...
payton johnson
No Utah?
Brock Bucher
Number 69 at 2:40
Florian N
Song at 10:00 ?
By the way great video
Evan Sanford
Collin Nigh
Missed Libertys Gandy-Golden literally drag 3 defenders for like 15 yds... smh y’all sleepin
Babyking Mar
I thought a football player died
Collin Hanson
Could you maybe add some Maryland next time
What’s the MGK song at 3:47
Eat Me
Great video man but come on no love for that great run by Asher O’Hara on Middle Tennessee State
Carson Bunker
Small colleges throughout this video but no Maryland or Nc state, choose better teams like them along with the obvious
Matthew Coffey
11:21 that shit funny
Killer Keemstar
Kansas’ uniforms gave me an orgasm