Juventus 4-3 Napoli | CR7 Scores as Juventus Beat Napoli in 7-Goal Thriller! | Serie A

Juventus edge out Napoli in a thrilling 7-goal match, thanks to Danilo, Gonzalo Higuain, Cristiano Ronaldo and a Kalidou Koulibaly own-goal. | Serie A

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7 247 комментариев
John Carlo Villaruel
That was heartbreaking for Koulibaly
1:53 that kid was so confused when Ronaldo didn't celebrate
okow tina
That turn and shot was world class from Higuain. He took Koulibaly out of the game 😱⚽️
Marek Gerula
@Serie A: could you turn up the sounds of the studium or decrease the volume of the commentator? ;)
Cholo Gladiator
Only watching Napoli games because of Lozano 🇲🇽. Finally getting the recognition he deserves
mr nobody
Its like cr7 never left madrid he is playing alongside danilo khedira and higuain all former madrid players and ironically they were playing against former madrid coach carlo ancelotti
Flying Tiger
That must’ve been so heartbreaking to Napoli to lose on an own goal after coming back from 3-0. I really wouldn’t want to be that defender.
Chucky Lozano scored minutes into his debut 🙏🏻🇲🇽.
The Joker
Is it the real higuain who scored? Or ball is A paid actor
Ancelotti is gonna give Juve Competition...and hopefully Chucky becomes a superstar
Dunno Weed
1:57 HAHA... look at the kid in the back hahaha.. he’s like, What? Where’s the “SIIIIIIIIIIII”??
Axe Faizi
The loud sound of the comentator and slowing down the sound of the stadium crowd reminds me of playing pro evolution soccer
Serie A welcome to Chucky Lozano!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Cristiano Ronaldo still the best player in the world. Koulibaly OG was too funny 🤣
Subscribe To Me For No Reason
*That turn and shot was world class from Higuain. He look Koulibaly out of the game* 😱⚽
Buzz Lightyear
That turn and shot was world class from Higuain. He took Koulibaly out of the game 😱⚽️
Himal Neupane
I like cristiano ronaldo better than the Napoli my best player is ronaldo
Paul Mitchell
Fan action should demand the club bring back the previous ju badge and shirt
10M subscribers for Joker
*Ordinary league match with 14 million views and counting just because of ronaldo* 🔥
Serie A boss thinking of *rebranding* league name to *CR7 League* to cope with *EPL* 🔥🤣
bilishu aliss
when your the team that scored the 4 goals but still lost xD
Hanad Ahmed - TheAce
That own goal just destroyed 3 hard earning goals
Parker Hero
when your the team that scored the 4 goals but still lost xD
podemos llegar a 100.000 subs sin videos?
Eres fan de la Serie A
✌-No, Comenta
No leas Mi nombre
Need you now
Thank you so much for this video!!!?
I dont know why but I keep rewatching this game?
Matthias Falkenstein
Napoli scores 4 times and loses the game. That's quite unfair! xD
Old School Friend
Forza Napoli.
A huge fan from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳
3:40 for the best goal 😜👌
I feel bad for koulibaly but Ronaldo VAR celebration had me on the floor
Jdjdjdjdjdjd Dbbdbdbdbx
Turkısh hello ❤ ı love you ITALY 💙
phoenixaayas ad
Technically napoli scored more goals than juventus.
Nicola watson
It’s already the most popular video
Edit: thx for the pin Siri A!
Both two teams played close game. I should have watched live game. I saw their energy but I am sorry to see Koulibaly’s wonderful own goal.🙈🙈

that guy was the real key to the goal
Fans Layar Kaca
I'm Real Madrid Fans But I'm Respect To Juventus 😁
David Saad
Fantastic terrible goal by Koulibaly
CR7 #1 of all time the GOAT
Donald Trump With A Small Loan of a Million Subs
Now this is a real sport right here.
wnnalis cioov
Juventus & CR7 is the best.
Basit Adebayo
I will be happy if this game end 3 : 3 both team really play well and the 2 goalkeeper did amazing...
0:15 Look at the spint from the 34 year old CR7!! this guy is a machine!!!
Puake Darat
Love CR7 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 From Indonesia like 👍👍
This video is still trending at top in YouTube India for the second day.
Just Ronaldo things
Pranav Chheda
Napoli scored a goal more than juventus
adje bayango
Koulibalis own goal, is not entirely his fault, but also his teammates especially meret, he should have told koulibaly that there was no one behind, because he actually thaught someone of the opposition may be behind him, If meret just told him that, koulibaly would have guarded the ball, waiting for meret to come out and take it
qazi talal
Look at Cr7's sprint.....The counter attack.....at age of 34 still a machine..
Movie Zoned
*So India do watch Football Matches ; Hmm*
Si tangan besi dengan pukullan mematikan vollyball Lolok Hermawan
Any CR7 fans from INDIA??❤😎💪👍👍👍👍 தமிழ் நாடு😍
Minor Ears
That VAR celebration from Ronaldo highlights the joke that is VAR
Julian Haveraaen
I feel bad for Koulibaly, he played so well and you could really se how that own goal effected him
jesright oladipupo
Fantastic display of rich football from the Italian side. "Juve."
Dino L
Saw some supporters left the stadium early must hv felt regret for all of their life!
Salah games
who s gonna win the ballon d or like:ronaldo comment:messi
Juventus ●like
Napoli ●come

Look at my Chenel, sir
thank you
Cristiano "don't celebrate fans referee is going check VAR"
That kid in the audience is like, for what???
MuTaL X1
I'm growing my channel

Any helps

Jorge Hernandez
what if juv buys Modric or casemero next yr? That would complete this team tbh
Anjanu Sonkar
When scripted EA Sports decides Juve had to win
Jesse Hernandez
Possibly the best match of this young season
Julius O.a
Napoli new signings scored all the goals
Touko π
Don't know why this was in my recommended. Don't even watch football, but nice match
Kumar Kumar
4rom 3 0 can become 4 3... lol🤔
Bijuu_ boy
Ronaldo can score once in a game and he’d still be in the title of a video.
anime guy with 10,000 subs
Ronaldo: “I ain’t celebrating just in case of that VAR”
Juventus’s attack is really something this year. I just hope their defence can keep it up
Koskoca seri a nin reynmen kadar abonesi olmamaso
Marwan Aftab
when cr7 did nt goal so he become cry
Marco Reus
I feel bad for Koulibaly... Even the best ones make mistakes :(
H&herez BestMovieScene
10 million viewers ?
Ronaldo Effect
Jamaican Pete
The commentator volume to crowd/game noise ratio is off.
Jong Ho Jo
Chrissander Vorren
When I saw the last goal, I tought it was fifa 19
Savvas Savva
3 ex real madrid players scored against napoli haha
Tief Vlog
Cek chennel saya guys jangan lupa di subscribe ya sedekah ga mesti dengan harta subscribe juga sedekah guys ,,😁
Aswan YT
T R E N D I N G 💥
Fzr Rahman
Napoli scores 4 ... and still looses 😂
Ciaran Kelleher
Could you please turn up the volume of the crowd?
alisuo toko
Ordinary league match with 14 million views and counting just because of ronaldo 🔥 . .. ... Serie A boss thinking of rebranding league name to CR7 League to cope with EPL
Asma Saqib
Ronaldo's VAR celebration was the best 😂😂💟💟
syahid musthofa
how can napoli lose ? they scores 4 goal, and juve only score 3 goal
Rcb winning ipl and juve winning ucl..both will come true in 2020
It's nice to see lozano in a much more competitive league.
Alicia Sandoval Gónzalez
the chucky lozano, el chucky lozano

one like one goal of hirving lozano
un like un gol de hirving lozano
Yoshiki G
The score should have been Juventus 3 - Napoli 4
Orange Dragon
Luckily man united didn't buy him
Joaquin Fragoso
CR7: like
Chucky lozano: comment
ishaan porwal
The quality of the video is amazing but please display the scores and timings too pleeeaaase
حبيب الله
the commentary is garbage tho lol🤣,
Lucifer cressil
thank koulibaly from juve :D
Char Aznable
Ladies and Gentlemen Your Man of the Match: Koulibaly!
Brian Hernandez
So much quality in both teams
Night King
That goal by higuain just blew my mind.
sachin rathod
Almost 10 million views
Ask to seduce Miss
Trending in India....seriously😂😂after ronaldo's arrival more and more indians have started watching SERIE A😇😇
#10 trending in Malaysia ? Impressive
Mark Shaggy
Maaaan - the way higuian turned & spanked that shot past the keeper was something else.
Ahmad Haizal
Napoli scored more goals than Juventus but still on the losing side 🥺
Trending #6 in Indonesia, really 😹😹😹❤❤❤