Fantasy Football 2019 - Starts of the Week, Wk 1 Matchups, Super Bowl Picks - Ep. #768

NFL Football is back! The Fantasy Footballers are back as well with a new episode diving into the Week 1 Matchups! Andy, Mike, and Jason deliver their Starts of the Week and Super Bowl Picks! Plus, breaking Antonio Brown news! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams for 2019 with the #1 fantasy football podcast. -- Fantasy Football Podcast for September 5th, 2019.

03:20 - Quick Question - Super Bowl Picks
07:20 - News & Notes
15:25 - Fantasy Forecast
18:00 - Titans at Browns
25:55 - Ravens at Dolphins
33:25 - Bills at Jets
38:45 - Redskins at Eagles
43:45 - Chiefs at Jaguars
49:15 - Rams at Panthers
57:45 - Starts of the Week
01:09:55 - Boom Boom Kicker of the Week

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The Fantasy Footballers
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Economics Made Easy
1 view baby. I’m here immediately cause I have no life.
Anthony Vargas
FYI 51:16 for the AB Breaking News
Every time I look at my phone something new is happening to AB. I feel like the Raiders are just going to launch him into space by tonight.
Paul The Person
Guys. Today. There. Is. Football.
Jerry Whitehead III
There has to be a team that drafted early and ended up with Miller, Luck, and Brown. WOOF
Michael Kanak
I can feel the excitement. I love how you guys are as excited as I am!

Let's go, Footclan!
I love it. The Wizard of Oz proving behind the scenes he's a lunatic. Perfect intro under the circumstances.
No matter what team you cheer for, we can all is a holiday!!!
Rene House
Antonio Brown's problem is he played with that sh#tty @ss Schutt helmet all those years that now he's suffering from CTE!
"Sammy Watkins the Lizard King himself" I'm dead lmao
Austin Brannum
Also, not only doing the water bets on video, we need a scoreboard!!!!! so we can see who is leading all time!!!!
I called about 4 episodes ago the Mike Davis would upset many Montgomery owners...nailed it.
Blake D
40:54 Jason has a stroke
helmut hummel
LA:CAR ... forgot speaking about Gurley on purpose? for safety´s sake?
jabba dabba
news i heard about stefon diggs was that he worked out his legs too hard. yikes. not the time for that, guy.
anthony scott
You guys are the bees knees, the cats pajamas. Listen to podcast daily. Informative and different views/opinions. Also hilarious.
Chris Button
Got Tyrell William's and Waller off the waiver wire :)
51:19 is where they talk about the breaking AB situation for anyone wondering.
That water bet graphic is absolutely classic. I was dying.
Steven Bobrowski
W Crisp
That fantasy forecast drop was cold-blooded Andy
Kevin F
Pats repeat. 🐐 gets his 7th ring.
Dominic Gallardo
Should I trade singletary for DJ Moore?
Pristine Auction is BS. I've tried buying the same item every week for the last year. Any time I bid on it I'm immediately outbid and it goes up to $150. Any week I choose not to bid, it closes between $40-75. It's probably 1 person buying it every single week to turn around and sell it elsewhere for $300.
James Fisher
As an Eagles fan, all the Andy Reid comments are 100% correct. WP sirs
T Mac
Cooper Kupp or Josh Gordon as my flex? Standard flex
Lamar Jackson or Matt Ryan? Tevin Coleman or Tyler Lockett as flex? .5 PPR I’m more leaned on Lockett and Lamar but any help would be nice
Mike Inca
Awesome show!!!! LETS GOOOOO! NFL Kickoff tonight! Woot Woot!
Brian M
Lol bears in the Superbowl , wow
vu le
Mike's love for Damian William's is like Jason's love for those dam kickers! Love this show!
full ppr start waller and godwin/marvin jones or start vance and either tyrell/godwin/marvin
Luke Smith
I don't think I can watch these guys anymore if they're going to spend 10mins talking about the Bills backfield every episode
Thinking I might take the dive and become a member of the foot clan this year.
Ben Franklin
Rip to all those who drafted AB... it is a sad day indeed
Garrett P
Obj saying his hip is preventing him from opening up- new note
Austin Varney
No wonder Adams busted today, the fantasy footballers cursed him with the Jersey!
Andy Rasta
Who else started Anthony Miller and wants to beat up Trubisky?

Zero points right off the bat. Gotta love fantasy football.
aaron mathews
No, NO! Freddy kitchens deserves a super bowl MORE than andy Reid lol. Just kidding.
B Griffin
can someone explain me why Trey Quin is your 19th highest ranked Wr this week?
Stefan Bergman
Love you, Jason. You're an absolute trainwreck sometimes, but don't ever change.
Joshua Nelson
I named my team fitzmagic's rejects this season. Lol
Nex-Jen VR
Brendan Li
Should I flex Michel, Godwin, or Dede this week? 10 team full ppr
Kevin Yang
I hope Andy is right with his super bowl prediction
way to call it guys. 10-3 final. what a stud trubisky is. lmao
Patrick Johnson
Loved, " hand off last 2 minutes to a kid who plays madden"
James H
You better spend a lot of time selling ads because your wives are monitoring your income.... *throws up*
David "Not Much" Mopportunity.
Mark Jasso
Andy's face the entire MyAmigo ad is priceless 😂😂😂
David DeMarta
long time listener, first time watcher... I feel like you guys swapped voices with each other
UgetgotSan YTC
I just traded James White/Christian Kirk for Ronald Jones/Antonio Brown. Crossing my fingers things will go great hahaha oh man 😞.
False. The 9ers were objectively the most injured team last year.
$360 - $540 for a toilet seat 🤣🤣
Matthew Cunningham
Leveon Bell or Leonard Fournette? Michael Thomas or Mike Evans? Full PPR
The Gurley victory lap of YAY the cortisone shot has not worn off yet!! Those poor people will be in bad shape when that shot stops working...and it will.
Wayward Son
Damien Williams or aaron jones...1/2ppr
Daniel Rutstein
My Madden clock management skills are 🔥
@1:07:03 quote "he owns week one" and @1:07:16 quote "he always dominates week one" Owns, always and dominates are plural words meaning multiple. Okay Cook's previous week one outputs:

2018: 9-180-0
2017: 5-56-0
2016: 2-7-0
2015: 5-85-0
2014: 4-56-0

One dominating output (2018) in previous week one outings. smh
Horacio velasco
Did my first Fantasy football league last year and won because of you guys. Hoping to repeat the process. Thank you guys for the videos and love y’alls content.
Fuck Christmas , NFL Opening week is the most wonderful time of the year !
Somebody explain these water bets. I have seen no water debts paid from last year
Charles Lam
Show idea: Spitballers on Fantasy Footballers pod Best Drops of the Show Draft!
Mattaghan G
Throw in an "oy" and slot in a trombone and all of a sudden it's ska!
Drop Coutee for Albert Wilson?
ThaManOf ThaHour
You replaced Juju for Adams on the wall....oh, the deception!
Richard Vuong
Should I start Aaron jones or derick henry.5 ppr

I'm leaning towards Henry but I haven't watched any jones game play either
Zach Boughner
How did nobody catch Jason’s “sneaky snart” 😂
Uradd McGillicutty
can we get an official version of "Its Football Time!"?
How did Jason get away with a "sneaky snart" lol @28:50
Chris Rosado
Start 2 Half PPR. DMont, Lockett, Duke, Pettis, Breida, or Golladay?
Brennan mccaule
Who do I start Wentz or Winston
Devin Tolar
Thoughts on me trading Pollard for D-Jax? As context, I do not own ZEKE.
Reaper Cook
Dont even care about the first hr its all about the kickers at the end
Should I start O.J. Howard or Waller?
Jerry Smoot
Austin Davidson
Bears defense or Seahawks week 1?
Lee Reissig
the Ballers need a "defensive stream of the week"
Sanctum Sanctorum


Nick Trainor
It kinda sounds like obj hip is a issue
Francisco Ortiz
Is andy the ab owner? He looked pissed lol
Didnt mention greg Olsen!
Michael Samai
Should I drop Darwin Thompson for Darren Waller??
Darren WALLER start of the week!
Erik Waire
This show used to be my secret weapon. #Footclantitles were bountiful. Now everyone has caught on and also listens. The bar has been raised. At the beginning of typing this I was about to complain a little but now I realize that’s pretty cool and my next #footclantitle will be oh so sweet.
Nick Nolan
Who should I start? Mack or Montgomery??
Web Fiji
Brotha Clutch
So I’m playing in 5 leagues this year, 2 main one with people I work with or formerly know. And 3 random Get A Team leagues off the ESPN FF app.

So I wanted some opinions on the team I drafted for my main money league:

Qb: Jared Goff, Sam Darnold

RB: James Conner, Joe Mixon, Tarik Cohen, Justin Jackson and Kareem Hunt (yes I’m the league idiot who won’t be an idiot if Hunt does his thing come playoffs)

WR: Tyler Lockett, Robert Woods, Robby Anderson, Emmanuel Sanders, Tyrell Williams and Paul Richardson

TE: Hunter Henry

D/ST: Chargers

K: Butker

So I took Conner 5th overall cause I didn’t think he’d be there by the second round, and somehow was able to get Mixon in the second. Those two alone make me feel good and very nervous at the same time... thoughts and opinions? Anyone?
Robert Barrows
Please pray for me as I bench ab (so much regret drafting him already lol) for Allison in tonight's game...... My only other option is debo Samuel and I don't want to go there lol
Michael Koehler
G MC18
I drafted Tevin Coleman because you guys led me to believe that he had the starting job locked up smh
Woods or Kupp, Week 1?
Steven Bobrowski
2nd Cleveland and saints
UgetgotSan YTC
It’s 6:45 am eastern time and I’m blasting this episode throughout the store I work at and ITS FOOTBALL TIME
Chris Button
Glad this came out before I lose power
Sam Johnson
Mark B
Antoni"D'oh" Brown 😱🤢🏈🤫
IDK who to start as my flex for 12 man PPR. i have Julio Jones and Amari Cooper as my WR 1/2 . My flex options are Emann Sanders, Josh Gordon, and Larry Fitz. Talk to me guys, who do i start as a flex?
46:38 TMI JASON!!😂😂