Redskins vs. Browns Preseason Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019

The Washington Redskins take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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That guiseppi play made me so happy he deserved that more than anyone.
Mike Curtis
Greetings from Thailand and thank you for posting. Congratulations to the Browns and best of luck in the upcoming season!
10:20 for the Sheehy-Giuseppe 86 yard punt return for a touchdown! Dude is tenacious and hope he makes the roster.
Jimi M
I've never seen so many beautiful passes and catches EVER in a Browns PRESEASON game. All 3 QB's looked solid. Giuseppe is an Animal! GO BROWNS!!
Wyatt Romanowski
Who else isn’t a browns fan but just wanted to see how good the browns are?

Just me?..?

Escocivo 30
The Browns have lots of great depth on their backups. Can’t wait to see them in the regular season.
Sheehy-Giuseppi was homeless a few weeks ago before try outs and got a chance to show what he can do in his 1st preseason game! Wow what a blessing.
Justin Franks
Finally excited about the Brownies again! They got a new swagger to them.
King Savage
Baker Mayfield changed the culture in Cleveland already shoutout to him💯
Steve Midget Jr.
Don't sleep on Greedy Williams
Damn maybe madden wasn't so wrong about the fumbles
Provokez x
Couldn’t help but smile for the browns and their upcoming season
Mohammad Ahmed-Ali
Damon Sheehy-Giuseppi the man who never gave up and lied his way to the NFL
JG sports cards
Browns look very nice moving forward. Only thing they can improve on is getting a veteran kicker.
Tell me how your gonna cover Odell, landry, Chubb, Higgins, and njoku, when they are all out on the field at the same time
I’m genuinely happy for the Browns. A great turnaround and I’m exited to watch them this season
Tavon ThaTruth
I feel like Rashad Higgins will get open a lot because defenders will focus on Landry and Beckham, Higgins when be a sleeper weapon for sure.
John Henry de Klerk
I'm a Chiefs fan the only offense that matches the Chiefs is Cleveland and I wish the Browns all the best this year
The Average American Eric's Place
Guesippi and Wilson are the winners tonight. As a Chiefs fan, Browns are looking good.. Let's replace Steelers and Pat's with Chiefs and Browns for the new AFC dynasty's.
Son Huynh
I know it's the preseason but damn the browns are dangerous
Hail to the Redskins
I love how all of the sudden everyone’s a brown’s fan... true fans 🙄
Robert Agnew jr.
That was by far the most exciting preseason game I’ve ever seen!
Thery Camilus
Is it me or are the browns playing with a new vigor. I see passion
Brian Taylor
With the solid backups like they showcased tonight the browns could actually make a run for it this season.
Mack Wilson was a STEAL
Alex C
Hard knocks gave me a way bigger appreciation for the preseason. Seeing kids like Sheehy play his heart out for a roster spot is amazing
Man got a dawg pile after the return. I just love that man story hope those browns don't cut him💯
Patrick Martin
THE NATION ☠☠☠... Please Browns stay healthy I really want to see what your squad can do shake up the NFL...🙏🙏🙏🤪🤪🤪🤯🤯🤯😁😁😁✌✌✌✊✊✊
Terrell Miller
🗣BROWNS 16 & 0 plus Super Bowl Winners
Baker Mayfield #6HUNNIT #DAN6EROUS
Mack Wilson is a real life madden user out there
Xac Taylor
Imagine getting your “Welcome to the NFL” from the Browns lol
Man.....the browns are a different team... just imagine when the real starters play....
I remember seeing a video 2 years ago saying Mack Wilson was gonna the best LB to ever come out of BAMA. I think that prediction.......will come true! What a steal
Devin Posey
Mack Wilson has that Madden Linebacker glitch that when you throw it over the middle of the field they automatically pick it off
Mark Dent
Cleveland browns going to be a team to watch this season
Maximus Overdrive
My Boy Sheehy! Way To Go Man!
Redskins never protect there Qb why tho ?
We Sean Koh
Mack Wilson will be a good pass Coverage LB
Jeffrey Wilt
Take a shot every time the announcer says “he found his man”.
Them Brown's are looking good. Only preseason though, we are pulling for you.
It’s gonna be hard having to cut some of these super talented guys. Can’t keep em all (wish we could)
It's good to see some AAF players getting a shot to play in the NFL. #3 QB for the Browns and #6 QB for the Redskins are from the AAF
Jacob Lane
Only the Browns could get on Trending for a win in the preseason
the vault dweller
This team finally looks really good. I think I just shed a tear.
Browns bouta be something else come regular season 👀🔥
the vault dweller
I know we got Odell and Landry, but damn Higgins is gonna have a monster season.
Randy B
The best thing about watching the Browns now is that you can really tell they're enjoying playing the game.

Everyone on the field and the sideline from the coach all the way down to the waterboy.
Maston Milos
I Can’t Wait To See What The Browns Have This Season
Pumpin George
Redskins 1st round pick cardale Jones running the ball
Second-half game 1 of the preseason......😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
MEANS he aint your franchise
From a Texans fan. I'm really glad the Browns found a qb. Baker is fun to watch.
Nkosi Rooms
Don't give up on Haskins he just needs to get the jettters out.
Drank in my cup
Mack Wilson was a STEAL
Trenton Lusk
When the cut is perfect
“The youngster showing that he can” “fall out of trees we know that” 😂😂😂
The Fulp
So happy for Sheehy Guiseppi!! :) Well deserved
Reds are White
Browns are black
And I haven't seen the video yet.
keenum needs to change his number thats confusing as hell lol
Christopher Mathaios
10:16 redskins fan trying to say that was out 😂😂
Adolfo Sevilla
Let’s all take a moment to appreciate that our back up qbs are better than Kirk cousins
Cleveland Browns talk Cleveland
I love the energy and sense of urgency....even in the 1st preseason game.
And this defense is really going to gel
Moms Spaghetti 69 OwO XD
David blough has to win ROTY this year
Lil Carter
Mack and Greedy sum dogs 💯
Amir Renwick
Who eles thought kenum was Kirk cousins
Chris Canty
If Browns can show up like this during the regular season they will be a problem for any squad
John Young Ph.D.
Baker Mayfield is a true leader. He has turned this team into winners. I love seeing the Browns have so much fun while playing.
Joseph Ringling
The first Preseason game means absolutely nothing. Calm down people.
Cdub Mercury
Coming from a Chicago Bears fan the Cleveland Browns are going to be a team to look out for this season
Congratulations Cleveland Y'ALL finally have a franchise QB.
The Missing Link
Final score could have easily been 45-10. Damn.
Chris Cannon
I wish that Mack Wison showed up against Clemson. Haskins has time to develop.
Jonathan Muldrow
I ❤ celebrations, but how the hell was 10:40 not a penalty flag?
All the browns QBs look better than the Washington QBs
Haskins fter 6 drives:
NFL "fans": bUsT
Marcus Spiva

Browns with one of the best WR Trios in the game
Jarre Diez
@NFL Which network shows all the football games, ESPN, Hulu Live, Sling Tv, or etc?
Antonio DelQuan
Punt return TD then you miss the field goal lmaooo boy oh boy 🤦‍♂️
Aaron Ax

Mack Wilson is the reason Madden linebackers can jump 20 yards in the air for interceptions.
Raul Ruiz
Lol, that redskins fan was like "get that outta here"!😂
How bout them Browns thoo 👌👍
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It was a cool match, who agree put Like
10:21 I just want y’all to remember that this dude finessed his way onto the team and does this
Anthony Beshires
Youll get there skins. Second string offense scored td against 1st string browns defense. Hail.
Underrated 77
Ima mess with yall Cleveland. ( Gambling wise) Lol. Plus i wanna see Mayfield do good he from that city ( ATX)
The Hippo
Anybody remember Brian Houyer no just me ok
aces atworcco
Real score is Browns 44
Washington 10, refs gonna a few all season long so...SUPER BOWL!
Surya Kumar
sheehy guiseppi !! you deserve it bro !
much love & respect .. Go Browns!
Theoria Praxis
Browns fan here. We have OBJ and Landy, but Hollywood Higgins may well be a stud!
Mac Bowie
Browns Winning The Superbowl This Yr🕵🏼‍♂️💪🏾💯🏈,
I said it, I said it, don't @Bruh
Joey Kang
Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi
A Football Life
Allen Da Don
Is it just me or did Washington 1st team scored on Cleveland defense pretty easy? 😐😐
Daniel McMaster
I'm upset that they missed the call on Callaway's tip drill in the end zone. He had control of the ball, tapped both toes, and had a knee come down in bounds.
Even Browns’ backup DB’s are good because they had to cover OBJ, Jarvis and Djoku in practice
This is looking like some good madden 20 footage with all these fumbles
Jarvis Family
The Cleveland Browns are...


Until it matters, it don't matter...
Bruh, someone wearin' #7 for the Redskins.
Adam the Spiny GIANT
Redskins got Ereck Flowers from my Giants. (And many offensive holding penalties to go with him)
Sam Bloch
You can tell the browns just playing with more juice since baker showed up
Allen Bennett
I’m a steeler fan and I know it’s preseason, but they look good, dang😩
Jose Rivera
Redskins will finish 2-14 in 2019 with Haskins as a starting Qb.
aces atworcco
Anyone think browns won't be a playoff team and maybe more?
Not me! Super Bowl coming and Washington is a goodass team they may just meet again there!!!
Tyrone Davis
I wanted the Raiders to draft Mack Wilson so damn bad! I said either at 27 or at 35. But nooooo...smh :(