Neymar Jr - Football's Greatest Entertainment 2019

Neymar Skills and Goals 2019 - Football's Greatest Entertainment

🎵Song: (1) Wizard - Keep 'Em Rolling
(2) Wizard - King Is Coming

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SWAT 1611
This guy is a shadow of himself in 2014 world cup. I liked him a lot back then, but he then became a douche and injuries happened.
How can you be so good and so useless at the same time?
Neymar is really unlucky spent 2 seasons at PSG but played less than 1 season of football combined because of his injuries. Neymar could’ve produced more magic 🎩
Ryuga Zeus
Neymagic 😁😁 too bad ligue 1 defenders alway try to broke he's leg he receive way to much tacle
Micheal Adeoni
dont this youtubers understand that commentary and crowd is important in these things...
we don't need the music can add the music but then commentary is important..we need to know what the commentators feel lol
Igor M
Neymar to Barcelona MUST happen!!!
Jhonny Mejía
Link si Neymar es un crack total el mejor
Norwall Music
Always enjoy your videos.
Football players
Nice mate
He is greatest one
you are amazing editor
Upendra Rai
Make a video on griezmann
Bobbie The Build
Who else wish Barcelona would buy Neymar and mbappe
Shahzil VK
Great edit m8:)
Neymar is the best!
Tommy Johnstone
Neymars class from a Celtic fan.
Youtube suck
Just run and didnt make any goals
Anthony Joefield
I can believe he will final come out of the mls soon

amin amzun
you is neymar you nob skills is meessi
Awesome video brother
geisa sousa
O vídeo ta muito foda , porém essas musicas estavam me dando sono não sei pq
Neymar's boring now
Stana X
Subscribe na moj kanal ako ste ušli zbog Krstičića!
Kevin Segura
Neymar Jr 😎 💖 ⚽
If he could pass the ball more...
The magician is back!
Darkay Edits
Nice bro🔥🇧🇷
Younes Youne maatougui
Ahsan naymar fil3alam
Hsd99 HD
Ounas Adam 💪
inZ AMG_Gaming
J'en neymar de lui !
Jose Santos
Goga muito
nice edit
Banger Alert
Alvaro Flores
Grande Neymar :D
sports KM
YasaaPlays Forever
6ix9ine comment
Tommasino AA
to see Neymar Jr 10 it's a pleasure.
Smoothest player ever ; the last Brazilian with the real GINGA style ; football is a show and Neymar is the star.
The only one player that deserve to pay a ticket for watch him 😍❤️
Andrija Vitkovic
Crvena Zvezda Ali neces kod Borjana
David Palomino
El dios neymar je
What a waste of Talent
Mariam Mariam
hachem bahri
Who else thought the song ruined it :(
Jackson 2442
Terrible song choice
Charles David
Good vid next you should do Trent Arnold or Bruno fernendes
Eren Ondem
Best player in the world 💯
All Out Attack HD
If only he was a professional...
Henry Khiangte
Just get back to Barcelona. We need the MSN back together.
Mahan Movaseghi
I think neymar is a best playmaker in winger
Leonardo Manfredi
He is really really useless when he acts like that. You're supposed to play not to try to skill people completely stopping the game and making it more slow. He just needs discipline but right now a coach who has got the balls enough to substitute him as mush as other players are substituted just doesn't exist.
It's hard to hear that but Brazil was lucky that O'Ney injured, they play better without him.
Beyond that I really like brazilians and the way the live football, don't misunderstand me.
Nayan Tamang
Please don't tell him Greatest Entertainment. At this age Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi were breaking records.
Any team will be lucky to have him, he was unlucky with this injury in his foot for the past two seasons in PSG. Weirdly he still produced the best stats in terms of goal ratio. He did well in champions league then got injured. Ligue 1 Also too easy for him, you can see it when he plays. Alot of people say Mbappe is better then him at PSG, but just watch Mbappe when a team struggles, he doesnt have that technical leadership to step up to the plate, which is something Neymar has been doing since age of 17. Neymar noticed himself he is not developing much where he is, therefore he is really forcing a move for himself, because he doesnt get improve he showed what he can do there, but needs to be challenge. I hope he finds that for himself.
Guga Guga
I don't understand in some videos I only see people saying that brasil don't need him that he is trash, and now I only see people loving him, football fans are just stupid
films funny official
films funny official
ii saara subscribers aneh wan idin saraa
Rahil Rahoof
one of the most stylish back pass at 3:37
Rita Maria lessa
Neymar, Brasil ganhou e você não estava lá cheio de estrlisio e caindo .
films funny official
help me subscribers ples
Nadeem Khan
Can y’all faggots stop hating and enjoy the video?!
JP Collider
Who would want to sign a rapist?
Prathyush Pradeep
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Raoul Duke
This is why PSG want to sell him, he's basically just a circus act now. When you start doing stupid shit like balancing boots on your head you lose all professional credibility.