Live Week 1 Start/Sit (2019 Fantasy Football)

Week 1 is here! Join us each and every Thursday as we name our favorite starts and sits that you've likely got questions about.

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123 комментариев
christian gavey
Pick 2 in ppr, Mack, T. Coleman, Kenyon Drake, Tyrell Williams. Thanks!
Nice predictions on the Aaron Rodgers and Jones picks 🤪
Henry Fjord
You got skills, Bobby. Love the show! 👍 New subscriber here.
Chuck Ali
Good stuff Bobby!!!! I were talking to me for most of the show 🤣 Thanx!!!!
Glad I started Graham!
Christopher Ricketts
Should I start John brown, ty Hilton, Corey Davis, marquise Goodwin, courtland sutton... PPR need 3
Scott Giannone
New subscriber great show.......Lamar or Cousins and would you sit one of them Boyd, Westbrook, Hilton, orA.Robinson for Montgomery in flex. 3 at and a flex ppr. Have Elliott and Cook for RB's, thanks
Mike K
How’s this team? I’d appreciate feedback. It’s ppr and a 10 team league.
Qb- Jared Goff
Rb- David Johnson
Rb- David Montgomery
Wr- Mike Evans
Wr- Stefon Diggs
Te- Mark Andrews
Flex- T.Y. Hilton
Dst- Browns
K- Mike Badgley

Damien Williams
Chris Godwin
AJ Green
Darrell Henderson
Dante Pettis
Justice Hill
Tony Pollard
.5 PPR -- Breida, Eckeler or Lockett for my FLEX?
Hahaha Givemeasmile
Cohen or Watkins in the flex .5 ppr?
Vero Beach Guy
PPR marvin Jones or dede week 1
Sean Spreckelsen
ppr, stick with michel and jones in week one? or swap one out for breida. could also put him in the flex. have lockett there as of right now.
Tyler Haraf
would u start mack or breida in a flex ppr spot
Johnny Roberts
Alright, would you guys start Jameis Winston or Brady for week 1??
Good to see you guys again
Sanctum Sanctorum
Devin Singletary plays for the Buffalo Bills not the Jets!!
Jake Trav
Breida or Mixon?
vin cassidy
John brown or Murray for my flex ppr?
Smash Rock
Pick 2 PPR
Ekeler, Cohen, Breida, Aaron Jones. Thanks!
That's like asking people who put ppr down to spell it out =D
Robert Jiang
Need 1 RB and 1 Flex. Josh Jacob, Tevin Coleman, Mike Williams, and Cooper Kupp
I had Davante and Arron Jones 🤦🏻‍♂️
DJ Pops
G.Allison or R.Woods ?
Tags got a lot of splainin' to do about that Bear offense.
G Man
you better go back and check out that Washington front
Oly Lyft
Brown suspended and Diggs hurt. Good thing I have 30 other teams.
Johnny Trinh
David montgomery or austin ekeler for flex? Full ppr
Matty Ice
Would you start Lat. Murray or Miles Sanders over Damian Williams? .5 point ppr.
Kyle Fuentes
Should I start Justin Jackson ?
Aaron Jones or LAT Murray?
Tyler Boyd or Tevin Coleman for flex? Non ppr
Volleyball Videos
Aaron Jones, Marlon Mack, Duke Johnson, Matt Breida, PPR, pick 2. My RB1 is Conner. Thanks!
Dennis Holder
Duke Johnson or Latavius Murray at flex
3 headed monster approach. Hear me out. 3 QB team if your league permits it. People are sleeping on QB and they are falling fast in drafts. Cousins is only owned in less than 50% of leagues for sake! Every expert is saying wait on QB but seriously don't. QB might not win you the championship but they sure AF can lose you one! Play the best matchup approach. What I call the home or dome strategy. Nothing is worst than looking to the weekend to see horrific matchups for a QB. Regardless of who they are! Plus the more you have the less there are in the bone pile!!!!
Keyan Tait
Jameis Winston or Lamar Jackson?
Do I drop Kareem hunt? I drafted him late but wondering if I should try and trade him
Sark G
Josh Gordon or Marvin Jones in the flex
Frank La Beaud
10 team PPR, which 2 RB and 1 Flex do I start C-mac, Chub, D. Montgomery, Breida, Penny or O.J Howard
I Rep That WEST!
So you don't think Justice Hill will get touches when Baltimore is up 24 - 3 at halftime ?
Hans Doedel
Pick 2, Full PPR 10 Team League

D. Williams
J. Jacobs
J. Gordon
W. Fuller
M. Breida
D. Johnson
J. Landry

leaning towards Williams and Breida
DJ moore, Latavius Murray or Breida for flex in half ppr.
Frank Shortt
apparently AB threatened to punch Mike Mayock in the face in his heated argument over the fines and the post. don't be surprised if they void his guaranteed money and release him.
Aaron Jones vs bears Marlon Mack vs chargers or James white vs Steelers?
Kristi Myers
half ppr - James White or Matt Breida in the flex? Zeke and Fournette are RB's
Chris G
Trying to get advice on a trade. Should I trade Fournette and M. Williams for Theilen and S. Michel? Is that fair or is one duo clearly better than the other? Also, who do you guys like better this year, Boyd or Lockett? Thanks.
Derek L
Should I trade Cupp for Brown? Ppr
Tyreke hill or josh Gordon
Sean Spreckelsen
don't agree with the assessment of anderson. said that darnold is not a top 20 fantasy qb, but you need to remember they added a true slot with crowder, leveon bell and ty montgomery are both upgrades to their receiving backfield, they buffed up their offensive line, and darnold was pretty damn good in the last 4 games after coming back from inury. if you took his 4 game stretch after returning and spread it out to a full 16 game season, you would have a stat line of 3,724 yards, 24 tds, 4 ints, 63.9 completion %. all of these stats would have put him around number 15. again, BEFORE adding the skill players, before adding an offensive minded coach (even though i sort of hate gase), and he was the youngest ever to start a season. not a top 20 qb is being pretty shortsighted. i'd guess he is going to end up around the number 12-14 fantasy qb's this year, barring some injury, depending on what leveon looks like, it could be higher. i would sit anderson simply because he is a high end number 2 on any team and the matchup is bad, not because of his quarterback.
can we just admit that superflex is the best way to play fantasy football and should be the accepted standard. I don't want to hear how I need to sit Matt Ryan. If you play in a league where you should sit Matt Ryan because he has a bad matchup, and you can replace him off of the waiver wire, then you should quit the hobby of fantasy football and just build puzzles on Sunday afternoons.
All the hate for T Coleman. Who’s the pass catching back in SF? Doesn’t Coleman also line up in the slot?
Why are these guys so high on Winston? The Bucs absolutely sucked last year and Winston was continuously benched
Guerino & Jennifer Cento
What was the average draft position for Ezekiel Elliott I got him six pick
Curtis Cornelison
I traded Mike Evans and justice hill for todd Gurley and d jackson, who won the trade