FM19 Journeyman - C8 EP16 - AC Milan Italy - A Football Manager 2019 Story

Welcome to the FM19 Journeyman Europe. In this save we start with zero coaching badges and travel around Europe visiting some random countries and leagues in Football Manager 2019

Welcome to AC Milan in Northern Italy, We are in the big time boys and girls!

It's not all about Football Manager though, we will have to look for somewhere to live, check out the local area, hire a PA etc. expect lot's of silly skits

#Journeyman #FM19 #FootballManager

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Corsair H115i PRO Cooler w/ PCS Ultra Quiet FansWelcome to the FM19 Journeyman Europe. In this save we start with zero coaching badges and travel around Europe visiting some random countries and leagues in Football Manager 2019
47 комментариев
Micah Goring
Loki, just win the Champions League this year. That will sort the finances. 😉
That one commenter was right about 6-2 against real Madrid 😂
Haider Alom
Patrick Cutrone is now Hatrick Cutrone?
Neil Roberts
Your on for a quadruple with no money and thin squad 😂
For the love of God, Loki please show this incredible Leeds squad! Fitting to get Bayern in the draw, revenge for the 1975 final. WACCOE
Paul Henricksen
I know you aren't there long but you have no Head of Youth Development (which is another coach) and no Sport Scientists
Wizard Styles
You made a bit of a rookie mistake by not going Very Attacking and switching to Complete Wingbacks when you were 3-1 up against Real Madrid but apart from that, good effort all around.
Gary Introverted Bookworm Watters
Are Liverpool still in the Champions League, imagine poor Loki if was AC Milan Vs Liverpool in the final. That would be funny.
Arsenal's goalkeeper is called Chukwudi 😂
Ac milan the champions of Italy has a good ring to it
Jake Douma
ha! Manchester City are 10th in the league in the middle of March! what a timeline to be alive.
Charlie Gallagher11
Loki, could you check your twitter messages. Message from Gallagher11/ Галлагер
Derek Verts
Love the midfield setup. I tend to play more defensive. So, more traditional wingers or I make my crappier back an IWB.
James Westwell
You have become my favourite FM youtuber by a mile. Pls keep up the fantastic work you do
M Taylor
Please beat Arsenal then take the tottenham job, i would be so happy
Samuel L
Looks like Arsenal got the Colombian GK you loaned from Liverpool while you where at Besiktas
Chris Allen
A magazine is like a book but softer ha ha, and back in the day they were found in hedges 💦
cant wait for sunday, the loki doki cartwheel video with be an instant hit :D
I have to say that was a nice piece of in-season adjustment to your tactics. Making the most out of a thin squad and they have responded very well down the line. However, you know you cannot keep this up for another season ... a lot of older players, thin squad, high wages and no money heading into the off season. This team is primed for a regression to the mean.
One suggestion is to do a sideways jump to an equivalent level team but with better finances if the top jobs you want are not available. You can tread water a bit more at the new team and keep building your reputation before making that final move.
Ivan T.
18:34 put speed of the video on the slowest and watch the ball closely :D
17:00 Thanks for waking my grandparents up,much appreciated
Neville Neville
Just realised you have Castro and Franco in the same team - bet that makes for some interesting discussions!
My style in FM this year has been full blast attack. My craziest run of form was 6-4, 7-6, 7-3 followed by a 1-0 defeat to relegated Preston- oh I love this game
Tim Peter Jensen
in second leg, if im ahead, i always go more offensive, seems to work better, i always loose when i go defensive.
You're right Loki. Where would we be without you teaching us to sign players for £40m that you never end up being able to use ;)
Magesh Pandian
1:42 tbf that's the same tactic that Ferguson used to win the UCL in 08.
I genuinely heard Hattrick Cutrone
I think you could do another year at Milan since Cutrone and Barbarella will leave and that will open up 380k p/w worth of wages. You can also try to sell Varnier & Baddy and replace them with cheaper wonderkids.
el stahc
i won the league with Real Madrid only scoring 1 goal a game
Duck Sargent
Shit, I just realised I'm now at the point where I have to wait for uploads in the series. Didn't think it'd come to this :(
Derek Verts
BBM> BWM in a 2. BWM get dragged out of position too much in a 2.
Hopefully being in the champions league and winning the league again potentially will boost sponsorship deals giving a chunk of money at the end of the season if no jobs are available to you. :)
I think your financials will be resolved if you keep this up till the end of the season, a lot of money for the quadruple
Kieren Pearce
Can confirm. Jizzing regarding Leeds in CL on someone elses save.
Hyde Hill
While you are not getting the transfer sale percentage for a good amount you are getting the full reduction in wages back. That is why getting rid of Cutrone and Barbarella for instance could really help.
Bas Schaap
Lokidoki the technician, or as i like to call him the specialer one
Imagine if you sold Cutrone in the Summer
How is it going for Bonadiman?
doug sharples
Thats a nudey book with pictures.
Craig Mangham
Super leeds back where we belong 😀
RaginCajun 77346
Very happy to see that as a Leeds fan
el stahc
Kyle France
Michael Ferguson
Party time
Ross Booth
Kevin Mottram
SI, please sort out the goalkeepers for effs sake! It's like watching David De Gea all the time.
גל יורמן
Is that an Israeli in real Madrid's goal? Pride
who the fuck is Leeds manager!?
I fucking called a 6-2 aggregate win in the last episode!!!