Portugal v Spain - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - MATCH 3

Cristiano Ronaldo stole the show with a spectacular hat-trick to ensure that Portugal and Spain shared the spoils in Match 3 of the FIFA World Cup.

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Como Cantar
*Spain destroyed Portugal but Ronaldo destroyed Spain*
The Legend
Who's Is the BEST

Ronaldo = Like

Spain = Comment
Who’s here after Ronaldo scored a hatrick against Switzerland
David Lacatus
I watched this like five times just to see Ronaldo's free kick
Haider Mehdi
That free kick was one of the most alpha things I’ve ever witnessed in my life so far.
Kurt Cobain
Imagine if this was the world cup final
Shrayan Chattopadhyay
Actually it is Ronaldo vs (Real Madrid + Barcelona) 😂
Rodrigo Lopes
Here after Ronaldo's hat-trick against 🇨🇭
Clinton Hitla
74million views this is because of effect of cristiano ronaldo.What.A.player.
Yusuf Chagtai
Who’s here after Ronaldo’s four goals against Lithuania?
rahul sharma
1 Monster vs 11 Human beings
Spain: "We have Iniesta, Costa, Ramos, Isco, Pique, Koke, De Gea, Jordi Alba, De Silva"

Portugal: *We have a Ronaldo*
Bhaak Saala
Most viewed Football highlight on YouTube. Power of CR7💪
Piano Memo
Show me when Messi carried his team like this? Ronaldo is the 🐐 right here
Samuel Bustillo
Who's here after his Hattrick against switzerland?
Peser 1k Subscribers
After ronaldo's hat trick vs switzerland😂
Tim Kristensen
Number of True CR7 Fans

I re-watch Ronaldo's free kick just to do an extra set in the gym 😤
MA7 Vlogs
Who is here in 2019 cause he can’t forget the beauty
This has twice as many views as the World Cup final itself..
Tokyo Drift
Now CR7 has 2 international trophies.
Here after Ronaldo's hat-trick vs Switzerland
PazarGaming HD
0:15 Ramos and Pique “ We’ve seen this bloke score more penalties than my sperm count do we really have to act like there will be a rebound”
Avi Chanda
Who is here after Ronaldo's hat-trick against Switzerland 😂
Andres López
What a memories. It's been almost a year since this and i remember how i felt this match even when i'm not from Spain or Portugal.
Alexander Aparicio
Min 88
Spain: where 3-2 one up boys

Ronaldo: ima bout end this country’s whole career
Pre I Ns
Here after Ronaldo scored 4 goals to victory against Lithunia❤
Best in the world!
Thanos vs eleven avengers
Aaaa Bbbb
Literally everyone came back to this video after he scored the hat trick against Switzerland.
Nasrudin mohamud
Who is here after Rolando hit 700 goals mark
Who is after the spectacular hattrick vs swiss
Daniel Tasho
Natcho goal was incredibile
This was like in History.... Spain bigger and stronger, but Portugal has individual talent enough to stop spanish ambition
Gennet Fisiha
De gea is probably having nightmares over Ronaldo
I didn’t know Ronaldo was a whole team
Kuda Ndanga
Arguably one of the best games at a world cups finals
Yo Yo
Fun Fact *This was the 51st Hattrick ever in FIFA World Cup*
& it was coincidentally *Cristiano Ronaldo's 51st HatTrick of his Career*
Zaghdoudi Manel
an other hat trick against switzerland
Who is here after hattrick against Switzerland? 🐐
Pyroclastic Annihilator
Anyone here after Ronaldo scored another spectacular hattrick vs Switzerland ?
Malachy Mcintosh
Just appreciate him while he is still playing congratulations Ronaldo on 700!!! Goals
Luthfa Begum
who's here after Ronaldo scored his 700th career goal?
๖ۣۜ• Time•To•Shine⁀ɪdoʟ
Nacho and Ronaldo,so beautiful goals
Peter Gill
summer 2019???????????????
Who's here after ronaldo's hatrick against Switzerland
Swaii Maestro
Only CR7 can score a hatrick against spain in the biggest tornoument
Girish Menon
anyone here after Ronaldo scored a hattrick against switzerland yesterday . Hit like
Most watched football Match In YouTube....71 Million....CR7 Effect😍😍
The Soccer Team
someone is still watching it? (05/06/2019)
Kurt Cobain
Still remains the best game of the world cup
kim jong un
who's here after ronaldo's poker against lithuania?
neymar junior
Here after Ronaldo hat-trick vs Switzerland
Haty Khan
I remembered around my area when Ronaldo was taking the free kick everyone doubted that he’ll score.
Spain Vs Portugal? Ronaldo Vs Diego Costa more like !!!
Doom Bringer
So this match has more views than the final one.
juan vega vega
1:41 the Best "yo aquí"
[GD] Game Fusion
Who is here after Ronaldo’s hat trick against Switzerland
"Oh genius absolut genius" - that line everytime I heard it gives me goosebumps 😍😍😍😍
Ashwin Thejas
Someone viewing this in 2019??? 😍😘
Cristiano Ronaldo vs Spain (3 - 3)
scoring hat-trick in 3 different things
1- *Penalty*
2- *Left-Foot*
3- *Free-Kick*
Tin Tin
Nacho's is exactly like Pavard's
Joel Mathew
Who's here september 2019?
Cascade L
there have literally been three occasions where ronaldo's team have scored 3 goals and all of them were from him
1) vs Spain
2) vs Atletico Madrid
3) vs Switzerland
André Ferreira
Am I the only one coming back to watch this again and again..?
Css 1967
I can't believe it has been a year.
DR. Vince
The hype i had when i witnessed this live was unforgettable
sumiya hamed
0:26 look at the goal post. Just one shot and the whole thing moved 😮
Here after Liverpool win 2019 Champions League.
Rohan Kumar
Here after Ronaldo's hat trick against the Swiss
Udip Gaming
Anybody here in 2019 September/October
Im watching this July 8, 2019
La Vita Giallo Rosso
Anyone 2019?
Maxim Pro
Me and the whole family lost our minds when ronaldo scored that free kick
Brown Berry
The greatest individual performance of all time 🔥🔥🔥🔥
I saw this comment in the best-of Netherland 5-1 Spain : "The best start of the best world cup".
But I think the best start of the best world cup is this match.
Jatin Bhardwaj
61 m views more than final
Rehaan Aamir
The best player in the world, ladies and gentlemen.

Watching Today: 13/06/2019 can't tired to see this
Zero Control
i swear, ronaldo is always in the thumbnails
Yusuf Khan
best game of the world cup
Who see is 2019
Karik VEVO
Thanos and eleven avengers ...😍😍😍
Mįçkêŷ x Gåçhã
1:40 for some reason I can hear someone sayin something.

Who could they be and what r they saying?
M0#[email protected]Ñ
One of the best matches ever in the WC history
1 God VS 11 World class
Wajahat Qureshi
Pique has seen Ronaldo goals in 1080px
Anup Maharjan
2018: Spain vs Portugal
2019: England vs New zealand
We live for these moments. World cup football .World cup Cricket.
Aweys jimcale /wayo/ arag
De gea hattrick
Nuera hattrick
Buffon hattrick
Oplack hattrick
The best plyr in the world😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ronaldo's Hatrick vs Switzerland brings me here
what’s up 124
imagine scoring a hatrick for your country infront of the world 😍
Viktor Radovanovik
Now it's 1 year. Time passes so fast wow!
Ash .P
Who is there after another International trophy for Ronaldo
Who comes here to check the views¿

(Btw, this match has more views than the final)
Maria Dos Remedios
2019 ?
Anyone else here after Ronaldo saved Juventus in the Champions League vs Atletico?
Дмитрий Пятков
Some 74 million views of a first round match. BRW I watched this one from the official fan-zone. I just arrived from work and coming to the right big screen and a penalty was announced.
Nachos goal was also thrillingly beautiful and the whole combination leading up to that Spanish goal was amazing. But Ronaldo was brilliant, so it turned it into a draw. Amazing match.