2019 Fantasy Football Week 1 - Sit/Start for Injured Players

2019 Fantasy Football Week 1 Sit/Start for Injured Players

1:31 - Robbie Anderson
4:44 - Keenan Allen
12:30 - Julio, Evans, OBJ
13:44 - Amari Cooper
20:53 - Desean Jackson, Julian Edelman
27:19 - Cam Newton
30:20 - Trey Burton

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191 комментариев
Donnie Darko
Nick straight up doesn't sleep lol
thoughts on Antonio Brown? Supposedly he has some mental illness that may keep him from playing week 1.
Stefon Diggs already dealing with a hamstring injury jeez just like last year. Risky risky
Big Tymer
I came for the intr... 😤
John Trevaskiss
Stefon Diggs?
Michael Reyes
I’m going against Doc and our boy Nick! I say Cooper Kupp is over his injury and will continue where he left off!
Oliver Oliver
there i few folks in the industry that i trust as much as y’all! absolutely love having a doctor’s opinion 💙
ConsciousMachine 413
ten fingers, if one is hurt, you have a 10% less chance to catch ball!
Vincent Randazzo
Get some sleeves on that hoodie 🤦🏻‍♂️ before you end up on the injured list.. Thanks for the Great info guys!!!
Michael Lahmeyer
Nick i gotta say that the music and music references are always on point cause The Games we Play is hotttt.
Who would you start, Mike Williams or Curtis Samuel? I have Hunter Henry in my starting lineup as well
John Murphy
Hey Nick, I usually listen to your podcast (iOS) at work, but your recent episodes aren’t up right now. Did you take them off? Love you man lol
James Parris
Don’t find injuries, they will find you. Keenan Allen will not play a full season
Mike C
Too start Geronimo allison in my 3 wr ppr league or take a chance now and start hunter renfrow lol
Damian S
Firm Handshakes.
Hunter Henry to win leagues this year as long as you didn't F up the rest of your draft.
Roberto J
Thoughts on Justice Hill?
Thee UndG
Thoughts on me trading away t hill for Sony and ty hilton... I had a bad draft and I have julio josh Jacobs kenyan Allen Robinson breida and barber
Ballislife efilsillaB
Merry Christmas Nicholas
Nicholas Van Brunt
Drafted D-Jax in a half PPR 3 wide. I later grabbed JJAWS with my second to last pick just so I can have a possible stack for Wentz.
Nate Yates
Drafted zeke on Sunday with the 1.04 and failed to cuff Pollard. Yes, yes I do have balls of steel.
Drew .Watkins
Less player analysis and more injury analysis on these segments. Analyze player situations regarding teams and talent elsewhere, or relegate that part to the end of the video. Love the injury details regarding time tables and limitations based on injury type. You can cover more players if you take out the other stuff. My two cents. Keep doing the lords work, Dawg
Snacks Is A Bitch
thursday and no FTP podcast. i'm done.
Deion Purifoy
Baker Mayfield or Lamar Jackson week 1?
Got my eye on Cooper Kupp
Jaser Saleh
First 🤞
Dustin Caldwell
Start Aaron Jones or Damien Williams at flex this week🤔???
Rootdogg H
I got devante julio and cooper lets goooooo
Marquese May
Rogers or cousins week 1???
Christian Encarnacion
If raiders let go of AB how do y’all feel about Tyrell Williams?
Jay Marcum
Business? No short sleeves big dog!
Krugser 123
Who do i start as my flex? .5 ppr

Sometimes I think that Robert Woods is boring... well... probably because his name is Robert Woods, haha... But that silliness aside, he's a steal @ his recent draft position. I don't have any shares of him and actually never had... though I do start Goff in one of my leagues. And with all these injuries and pending suspensions, haha... Woods is as safe as it gets as your WR2! Feel good about it, y'all. B-)
Hal Sands
Ready for the big FAX!
Austin Luepkes
Let me know if I did you proud in this 10 team half ppr:

Aaron Rodgers
Leveon Bell
Nick Chubb
Juju Smith Schuster
Chris Godwin
George Kittle
Cooper Kupp
Jets D
Matt Bryant

Money: Duke Johnson, Miles Sanders, Christian Kirk, Latavius Murray, Geronimo Allison AND MVS, Darrel Henderson
Captain Spock
no more fade the pubic on thursdays? thursday is a good day for dr. morse. nice way to add relative info in a timely fashion at the start of the nfl week. "I'm not a huge fan of the jets offense in general....."- translation: gase is a psycho
kalafa kingston
BDGE..Lets get it!
Dhiraj Korada
Hey Nick , love your analysis and the amazing guests you invite .

I have 4 RBs in my team , kamara , aaron jones , damien Williams, marlon mack . I want to play three of them . Whom should i drop for week 1
CaliDog 310
Anyone seen my sleeves?
Carlos Hyde or Justin Jackson for bench rb?
Adam Shlomi
Thanks for the updates, how toxic is AB this year...
Thomas Cordova
Dede Westbrook or Aaron Jones at my flex?
Frank Shortt
I got Cam in my big money league in the 11th round to stack with CMC
Wesley Ward
Pick two to start, Aaron Jones, Austin Eckler, duke johnson 🤔
Howard E’s Nuts
who should i start this week? carson wentz or lamar jackson?
Ryan Jarvis
Struggling to decide between the ceiling of L. Jackson or the sure thing of C. Wentz week 1. What’s the word everybody?
How do you guys feel about Diggs week 1??? Great video
Lesmes Romero
Julio Jones vs Xavier Rhodes..... Your thoughts Nick?
Would anyone drop Jalen Samuels for Justice Hill? It's my RB7 in 10-team PPR league (final bench spot, I have Kamara, Carson, Michel, D Williams, McCoy, Breida, Samuels).
Steve Fredrick
should i start aaron jones or d mont first week in a normal ppr league ?
Joseph Alvino
A.jones or ekeler?
Rah-L TV
Let me know your thoughts on my team. 12 Team League

Half PPR

Philip Rivers
Adam Thielen
Tyler Lockett
Alvin Kamara
Joe Mixon
OJ Howard
Duke Johnson

Sammy Watkins
Curtis Samuel
Rashad Penny
Justin Jackson
Anthony Miller
James Washington
Rams Defense

Anything I can do to make this lineup better?
Kenneth Martin
Surprised diggs not on this list
Robert Janas
Do anything for clout
Ugly Dude
Stefon Diggs?
Michael Harwood
Anyone else get a chubby when nick says "whats crack'in big dawgs?"
Do It Live
who’s paying $50 a month to be subscribed to the doc ?
Jay Marcum
Couldn't be more wrong doc. Desean is gonna crush last years stats by at least 4td and 400 yards. Take it from an eagle fan who knows this dude...not wearing green goggles. Also on week 1....go check his stats against former teams 😂😂. That said.. Solid flex even in ppr this week. Not sure about every week due to boom bust. This week he is in the line up.
CaliDog 310
Anyone seen my sleeves?
Jack Preschern
Who do I start as flex half ppr Jarvis Landry vs Tennessee or Tarik cohen vs packers?
Or I could trade both of them for tevin Coleman and Royce freeman. Please help me out I’m stressing
Lee Taylor
Looking like Tyrell Willams is the most intriguing fantasy pick up. With the new AB news he could be #1 WR if he stays healthy
iii C U
Nick, my guy, can I get your stamp of approval for my Auction draft last night? 12 team PPR $200 Budget
Mike Evans $41, Dalvin Cook $43, Kerryon Johnson $33, Julian Edelman $28, Marlon Mack $17, Josh Jacobs $19, Jared Cook $6, Jameis Winston $2, Mattison $1, Moncrief $4, Curtis Samuel $2, Gallup $1, Crowder $1, Patriots $1, Maher $1
Ryan Barron
Rah-L TV
Let me know your thoughts on improving my team. 12 Team League

Half PPR

Cam Newton
Adam Thielen
DeAndre Hopkins
Marlon Mack
Latavius Murray
Travis Kelce
Phillip Lindsay

Matt Ryan
Sammy Watkins
Geronimo Allison
Justin Jackson
Anthony Miller
Minnesota Def

This is my most expensive league. I’m thinking of trading Kelce to get a stronger RB or WR
Brandon Gonyea
-I’m sure everybody is sick of these already but I can’t tell if my team is good or not
-12 Person 0.5 PPR, No D/ST or K
-I can’t trust if I should keep David Montgomery or not he’s my late 3rd round pick
QB: Baker Mayfield
RB: David Montgomery
WR: Michael Thomas
WR: JuJu Smith
TE: Austin Hooper
FLEX: Chris Godwin
FLEX: Michael Gallup/Duke Johnson
FLEX: Sterling Shepard
YO NICK!! I'm only 5 minutes into your video... long time subscriber (since you were a pup, lol). I need advice TONIGHT! I have Aaron Jones, Guice, Singletary... Yeah, I drafted Jones high, but, do I really play him tonight? Standard league. I also have Elliot and Fournette, so I have some back up help for the wrong decision. I feel like I should play Guice against Philly? or... do I just play Jones because he's "my number 2" RB usually? Chicago is a mean defense.... thoughts? And thanks.
Chandler Morales
I traded Chris Carson and Dede Westbrook for Chris Godwin and Miles Sanders in a half ppr but I have Chubb, Aaron Jones, Tevin Coleman and Austin Ekeler and I’m good at receiver. Is this a W or no
Cmon NFL you need to fix preseason. Too many injuries this year. It should be one game maybe two and they need to let teams practice in full pads earlier and longer. Like how it used to be. Btw my Jets logo refers to Curren$y not the team lol
So my starters are Leonard Fournette and Sony Michel. I have Tevin Coleman, Austin Ekeler, and Josh Jacobs on the bench. Do I make any changes?
Rah-L TV
Who would make this trade? Travis Kelce & Latavius Murray for James Conner?
Chuy 209
So julio is out week 1 right
Harold Seattle
Hunter Henry was elite? I don't think so, more like TD dependent type player.
Rich Luippold
ESPN is fucking ridiculous. Am I wrong?
Projected for last place in a 10 team 2rb, 3 wr, 1 flex league.
WR- Michael Thomas, Brandin Cooks, Tyler Lockett, Chris Godwin, Jarvis and MVS
RB- Chubb, Carson, Miles Sanders, Damien Williams
QB- Brees, Goff
TE- Hooper
I went 9th and its 3 wr so I kind of punted the RB position but still landed 2 strong starters. Seriously. You guys should see the other teams. Fucking awful. It's like all you have to do is draft Mahomes 1st round and you're a god Damn genius.
Who agrees? I'm insecure and need reassurance lol 😝
aidan mclaughlin
nick knew keenans ppr rank LOL shit
Brad Terboss
Let's fucking get it baby! Been waiting a long time for this day. Couldn't sleep.
ConsciousMachine 413
holy shit, that guy is a doctor??? he looks like death! Hockenson gonna ball week 1?
Mike Tatum
Dude why is David Montgomery 3rd on the depth chart behind Tarik Cohen and Mike Davis. Does that mean don’t start him?

Dil P
Nick is a joke clueless, go listen to fantasy pros this guy is a drunk and is a fuckin kid who is always partying and drinking how can u trust this guy smh also noob content